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Jun 24, 2012

Manhunt Singapore 2012

20 handsome gentlemen who would vie for the title of Manhunt Singapore 2012

Contestant 1: Alex 

Contestant 2: Siddiq 

Contestant 3: Oz

Contestant 4: Daryll

Contestant 5: Jack

Contestant 6: Emy

Contestant 7: Leon

Contestant 8: Jason Chee
I think this guy stands a chance to win..Bod, He has it all.

Contestant 9: Wilson

Contestant 10: Jonah

Contestant 11: Tian Wei

Contestant 12: Huang Yong

Contestant 13: Faiz

Contestant 14: Hao Ran

Contestant 15: Nelson

Contestant 16: Gary

Contestant 17: Jay Tee

Contestant 18: Edison

Contestant 19: Rauhan

Contestant 20: Kelvin 

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varun said...

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