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Mar 6, 2012

More reasons to visit Ilocos Norte this summer

Paoay Kumakaway!, The Ilocos Norte Tourism Brand

Experience the beauty of Ilocos Norte. Taste the famous Tupig, bagnet and Pinakbet Pizza. Feel what is like to be Panday as you trek the sand dunes. Get the tan that you have always wanted in its white sand beaches. Get awed with the natural and manmade attractions of the province. Remember your heritage by visiting the churches and other historical places. Relive the life of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos as you trail his childhood to his presidency. Escapade, culture, fun, leisure, and relaxation rolled into one. Find it all in Ilocos Norte. Forget the risk, live for today, and be spell-bound in Ilocos Norte. Halina, ang Paoay Kumakaway!

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