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Mar 26, 2011


Boardwalk is on the search for the next face of fashion in their 100 Models Search. Interested models can conveniently download and complete the application form and send with the photos required via email. After a go see, 100 applicants (50 Male and 50 Female) will be asked to go on a final call where they will award 1 Male and 1 Female P250,000 worth of modeling contract EACH!

For the application form, make sure you know your shoe size, shirt size, pants length, etc.


1. 16 - 24 years old

2. Must be physically fit, tall, long-legged and lean. At least 5'8 height for females, 5'11 for males

3. Must have no existing contract in conflict with the rules of the contest / employment with any direct selling company.

4. Must be available anytime for Go See, rehearsals and show dates.


1. 30% - "JE NE SAIS QUOI". The intangible quality that makes a person distinctive or attractive.

2. 30% - Personality, Uniqueness, Style

3. 30% - Physical appearance. Skin, hair, eyes, body shape, extremities, overall look.

4. 10% - Ability to comprehend and follow instructions.


1. Get Boardwalk 100 Models Search Application Form from any Boardwalk Branch / Head Office or download.

2. Send filled-up 100 Models Search Form with 1 close up, 1 half body and 1 full body shot color photos 4R(4”x6”) in a short manila envelope not later than March 31, 2011 to:


1508, 15th Floor, West Tower PSE Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

or email to

For those submitting application via email, photos should not exceed 1MB each.

3. Wait for a Go See invitation through email.

4. Attend Go See on dates and venues specified on your Go See email invite.

Go See to choose 100 qualifiers:

APRIL 6 & 8, 2011 at Unit 512, 5th Flr. West Tower, PSE Center, Exchange Road,

Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

5. Wait for Go See results through email. 50 Male and 50 Female Models will be chosen to join the show.

6. If you are among the 100 who qualified, you will be required to attend the Final Call and Judging for TOP MODELS on April 16, 2011. Venue to be announced.

7. While 50 Male and 50 Female Models will be chosen to do the show, only ONE MALE and ONE FEMALE will be declared TOP MODELS. They will get P250,000 worth of modeling contract each.

8. Employees of Boardwalk and its sister companies including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining this contest.

Download application form here

Mar 25, 2011


After having photographed Jean Charles in "Hotel Room"
Gabriel Henrique meets Cesar  Chang of Ford Models for a new trial.

Gabriel Henrique | Ford Models

Mar 16, 2011

Mr. Gay World 2011 is Francois Nell from South Africa

Francois Nel from South Africa is the winner of the biggest gay title ever, Mr. Gay World 2011. He took the crown from last year’s winner, Mr. Gay World 2010, Charl van den Berg, the representative of South Africa.

First runner up was Mr Gay USA, Michael Holtz, on second place, Spain with Israel Acevedo, then Australia’s Leigh Charles and last, on 4th place, Aaron Comis from New Zealand.

At another awards, Leigh Charles from Australia was also awarded as MR GAY SWIMWEAR 2011 and MR GAY FORMALWEAR 2011 and the representative of New Zealand, Aaron Comis was named MR GAY PHOTOGENIC 2011.

The representative of Estonia, Madis Raastas is MR GAY CONGENIALITY 2011. Barry Gouldsbury from Ireland was chosen MR COMMUNITY CHALLENGE 2011 and from the Phillipines, Marc Ernest Biala is MR POPULARITY after the online voting but received also the prize for BEST NATIONAL COSTUME 2011.

About Francois: “
I’m a sporty, fun loving, funny, GAY, men loving, woman pleasing, ambitious career boy, at heart. My mind loves work, challenges, beauty, wisdom and especially good art. I am confident that I could positively extrude what a gay ambassador of The Beautiful South Africa stands for. A country that has amazing potential, a beautiful dream and a true democracy. Being gay and accepted is the future of a greater world. I believe education and gay equality is fundamentally important, not only for South Africa but around the globe.
I believe in music, the kind of music that plays when you having fun, the sound when you enjoy a good meal, the beautiful harmony when a loved one smiles at you, the soft jingle when you fall in love, the tune that serenades when you succeed and the sweet sound of coming home. But most of all I believe in doing it with passion, enjoying life and giving everything, to yourself and others…


I just don’t get what the fascination with wax figures of celebs is all about! It’s just something that I would never pay money to see and to be honest it creeps me out. There are some celebs that are scary enough in real person and to have to see a wax statue of them just sends chills everywhere!
Justin Bieber falls under the 2nd category. He is already freaky looking enough as it is but his wax copy looks like a 13 year old dyke on the set of a “coming out” after school special! I mean seriously! Flannel? Could they have picked a more lezza-friendly material? The worst part of these pics is seeing the way that Bieber is all over… well… himself! It looks wrong and should be illegal.
Have a look at these and I do not take any responsibility if you can not sleep tonight.

Mar 10, 2011

Who's your bet for MR. GAY WORLD 2011?

Only a few days left until the Grand Finale of Mr. Gay World 2011 that will take place here in Manila on 13th of March.

The contestant are some of the most beautiful gays on the planet and it is natural that all the gay community has a great interest in the event.

To be more attractive, the organizers made an online voting section on the website so that you could support or choose who’s your favorite for the Popularity Award.

My bet goes on:

1) Michael Holtz - USA 
I am more confident that he’s one of the top favorites to win the Mr. Gay World title and he is my no 1 choice. Athlete, volunteer, gorgeous he has the top 3 qualities to be our King! (Lucky Guess: I think he’ll be Mr. Gay World and Mr. Popularity too)

2)Jonathan Chong - MACUA, 
Hes working at Golden Sunlight Real Estate company which is founded by his parents 30years ago in Macau. He own 10% of the company’s share and he is involved in numbers of development projects.

A hot man with a delicate approach, Macau is my no 2 favorite. His body is spectacular and his personality makes you instantly fall in love. Maybe, you’ll like him as much as I do!, lol.

3) Francois Nel - SOUTH AFRICA, 
My no. 3 is  Francois Nel, a make-up artist, hair stylist and business owner from Centurion. a sporty, fun loving, funny, GAY, men loving, woman pleasing, ambitious career boy.

I totally enjoyed his beautiful pictures and im one of his fans!

High-profile footballer Anton Hysen Comes Out

While out sports stars aren't the rarity they once were, from Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham to rugby star Gareth Thomas and most recently England cricketer Steve Davies, being gay in the world of international football remains a taboo. Perhaps hoping that his presence in the game will break that silence is 20-year-old Swedish footballer Anton Hysen who this week disclosed his sexuality to Offside magazine

Hysen, who plays for Swedish 4th tier side Utsiktens BK, is the son of former Liverpool defender Glenn Hysen and is thought to be the only player currently playing in Sweden to have come out, and is possibly the only player in Europe who is publicly open about being gay at this time. 

Hysen is defiant that, while in reality his decision to come out may have an impact on his career, his sexuality should not hinder his chances of progressing to play among the top-flight teams because it makes no difference to his abilities on the pitch. 

Hysen told Offside magazine that it was “f***** up” that no other Swedish player had come out yet.

He said: “
I am a footballer. And gay. If I perform as a footballer, then I do not think it matters if I like girls or boys.

As yet, no top footballer in this country has come out, despite major stars in other sports doing so.

Welsh rugby favourite Gareth Thomas and England cricketer Steve Davies are among those to have declared that they are gay.

Hysen admitted that his announcement could affect his career, but added: “People may call me anything they want, it will just make me even more psyched.

Anton’s father Glenn joined Liverpool in 1989, and helped the Reds to their 18th league title in his first season. He left the Merseyside giants in 1992.

He’s 20.
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