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Feb 26, 2011

Top Chinese Male model Li Xueqing

li xue qing 

JED English name 
Constellation Libra 
Blood type B 1980/10/1
birthday Place of birth Beijing
Height 188CM 80 KG weight

Feb 25, 2011

Vote Mr. Gay Canada 2011 Rob Goddard in the popularity contest

Mr. Gay Canada and Mr Gay World delegate Rob Goddard. If you`re in Vancouver, you have definitely seen Rob around modeling or volunteering for one of your favourite organizations. Rob was chosen in all of Canada to represent his country in the Mr. Gay World competition, this year taking place here in  Manila.

Don`t forget to vote for Rob in the popularity contest online here. And if you want more info on him just visit his facebook page.

Growing up in Smithers, 21-year-old Rob Goddard experienced first hand what a gay person living in a small town endures.

But Goddard also knows his experiences pale in comparison to the struggles gay men face in countries where homosexuality is illegal, and in some locations a risk for the death penalty.
That’s one of the reasons the Vancouver resident looks forward to his trip to Manila, Philippines in March to compete for the title of Mr. Gay World against delegate models from 24 other nations.
“I really want to hear the different stories about their rights and learn a lot from these men,” Goddard said, calling the others “courageous.” 

Should Goddard win the title of Mr. Gay World, one of his goals is to share his experiences as a gay man privileged to come from country known for its human rights. He noted it’s ironic that while Canada is respected around the world for its equal rights for gays and lesbians, its neighbour the United States remains divided over the acceptance of “non-straights.” 

“I’m so proud to be a Canadian,” said Goddard, who holds two bartending jobs.
Goddard won the title of Mr. Gay Canada, and along with that the right to compete for Mr. Gay World, as the result of his volunteer work for the past three years within the gay community for organizations such as the Vancouver Pride Society, GayWhistler’s WinterPRIDE held during the 2010 Olympic Games and Friends for Life. Goddard was reluctant to admit his good looks had anything to do with his winning the title of Mr. Gay Canada, but admitted he did place second in Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model search last year.

Goddard looks forward to the part of the competition during which the contestants model an outfit relevant to their home country.

“I’m dressing as a sexy hockey player,” said Goddard.
Australia-based philanthropist and a businessman Eric Butter founded the Mr. Gay World Organization in 2008 to create a more positive image for gay men by recognizing their contributions to their communities, countries and the world. Besides battling discrimination and supporting human rights for gay, lesbian and transgender communities, the organization is dedicated to fighting AIDS worldwide. The Mr. Gay World team includes Vancouver resident Dean Nelson. 

Nelson, executive producer of Mr. Gay Canada, said Goddard was chosen to represent Canada after a series of interviews. He hopes Goddard will come away with experiences and stories he can share while highlighting human rights for gays.

Nelson said it’s important to host competitions like Mr. Gay Canada and Mr. Gay World as a reminder discrimination is rampant in many countries.
“Until every human being enjoys equal respect and dignity, we will continue to host these competitions,” said Dean.

Mr. Gay World takes place March 9 to 14 in Manila. One of the categories Goddard is competing in is the People’s Choice award, which is decided by online votes. Voting ends March 12 and the results will be revealed live at the grand finale March 13 at Club MWah in Manila.
For more information, see


Feb 20, 2011

For the first time ever, USA will compete in the Mr. Gay World Competition

Michael Holtz, the gay athlete of the year 2010, according to Compete Magazine, is one of the top favorites for the Mr Gay World USA 2011 title.
Mr. Gay WorldFinal from katie faulknor on Vimeo.

For the first time ever, USA will compete in the Mr. Gay World Competition. The first annual Mr. Gay World USA contest is taking place via social media, and will send the winner to compete here in Manila on 9-14 March, 2011 at CLUB MWAH.

James Franco Joins Facebook and Twitter

TGIF took on a whole new meaning around the Twitterverse today: Thank God It's Franco! Yes, the oh-so-handsome Oscar-nominee/host James Franco added one more thing to his ever-expanding list of titles and became an official member of Twitter and Facebook. The"127 Hours" star put up his maiden tweet, which read, "Hi everybody, here I am on Twitter! This is my FIRST tweet ..." and posted a video of himself with it. On the video, James addressed his fans to assure them, "This is the authentic Facebook, and Twitter, and every other page." He continued, "All those other ones are imposters, I've decided to go on to the web, and this is the real thing. So welcome, don't listen to those other pages." James, consider it done!

[Just a reminder that blogger macky can also be found on Facebook, . Together with Google Friend Connect, if you have not already done so, please join, and tell your friends!] -mcky88

Feb 18, 2011

Ride Your Way to Temptation: Get A Chance To Win Vespa Scooters

BENCH invites you win one of three Vespa LX 150 scooters.


1. For a minimum single receipt purchase of P800.00 a customer is entitled to One (1) raffle coupon for a chance to win One (1) of the three (3) Vespa LX 150 scooters.

2. Maximum of 3 raffle coupon per receipt.

3. Valid only for Cash, Credit Card, GC and EPS Transactions.

4. Raffle coupon/s will automatically be handed out upon payment.

5. Drop boxes are placed at the store counters.

6. Customer must fill up the raffle coupon with his/her complete name, address, email address, telephone number and affix his/her signature on the raffle coupon. Raffle coupon with incomplete info will be considered as invalid.

7. Raffle date will be on April 29, 2011 in Suyen corporation office with DTI and Bench representative.

8. Cut off date of submission of entries : April 15, 2011 (store closing hours)

9. The winner will have to shoulder all the fees outside of the unit (tax, registra- tion, insurance, etc.).

10. Employees of Suyen Corporation and all participating stores including their relatives up to 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promotion.

11. A participant can only win once per raffle draw.

12. Winners will be informed through registered mail and phone call. List of Winners will be posted at all participating stores.

13. Suyen Corporation reserves the right to use the names and images of the winners for publicity and promotion purposes.

14. Prizes may be claimed upon presentation of the following to Suyen Corporation representative, at Suyen Corporation Head Office - 2214 Tolentino St., Pasay City (Office hours: 9:00AM - 6:00PM):

i .Two (2) valid ID’s :one (1) should be government issued ID with photograph and signature)
ii. Registered mail notification
iii. Winning raffle coupon. For provincial winner/s, said requirements must be presented to the Boutique Manager of nearest participating store for verification. If requirements are valid, it has to be sent to Suyen Head Office for final verification. Once everything is validated, prize/s together with the requirements will be sent to the nearest participating store. Prizes can be claimed from the nearest participating store.

15. In the event that the winner will not be able to retrieve the prize, an authorized representative should bring and present the following requirements:

i. Authorization Letter from the winner
ii. Two (2) valid ID’s of the winner and two (2) valid ID’s of the authorized person (1 should be government issued ID with photograph and signature)
iii. Registered mail notification
iv. Winning raffle coupon

16. Prizes not claimed within 60 days from receipt of notification will be forfeited in favor of Suyen Corporation with prior approval from DTI.

Promo starts February 15 - April 15, 2011.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 0319 Series of 2011

Justin Bieber got brave when he tackled social issues in the latest issue release of Rolling Stone

Fresh off his Brit Award wins, Justin Bieber’s cover and interview with mega-magazine Rolling Stone has been released. Interviewed by Vanessa Grigoriadis, a contributing editor for the mag, she explains how she rode around in his Range Rover in Atlanta and talked about girls, sex and politics. Really? With a sixteen year old?
So obviously, some of the questions are way too involved for someone like Bieber. Not saying he isn’t a smart kid, but I’m saying in such a candid scenario, he was left a little vulnerable and the answers well, speak for themselves. Vanessa asks Justin about having sex. His response? “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them”. Well said Justin. Not quite waiting for marriage but not quite I’m already have sex. We get it.
Next, the two begin to talk about the difference between health care in Canada and the US in which Justin immediately explains how great free health care in Canada is. He tells a story about how his bodyguard’s baby was premature and now has to pay for it with tons of medical bills. In Canada, he explains that if your baby is premature, it stays in the hospital until things are fine and then you go home. No worries.
Then, Vanessa asks Justin about abortion. Quite a heavy topic to ask a 16 year old boy. His response is that he thinks its wrong. He states “its like killing a baby”. Then, to even further the inappropriate discussion, she asks him what about abortions after rape? REALLY?! Are you serious? What ever possessed you to think these were appropriate questions? How about asking him about his new movie, Selena Gomez, crazy fans, anything appropriate for his age category.
I also want to know where the hell his publicist was for this entire interview? Who pre-approved these questions? I’m sure there is going to be some retaliation from Bieber’s people and a little bit of ‘apology’ from Rolling Stone even though they will state that they did not misquote. Apparently, its floating around that Bieber also says in the interview that homosexuality is a choice. I can’t find a direct quote on that but you can check out the mag and find out for yourself when it hits stands tomorrow.
What do you think of the interview? Appropriate or way too far?


Feb 17, 2011

Made in Brazil

Please follow the twitter of Renato Ferreira

Brazilian hottie Renato Ferreira has a penchant for posting pictures of himself in underwear via his Twitter @_renatoferreira #yesplease. account.


Feb 16, 2011

Mr and Ms Lyceum (MANILA) 2011 – The Pageant | Official Candidates

Mr. and Miss Lyceum is an annual search for the most beautiful and handsome LPU Manila student

There are 10 candidates vying for the title of Mr Lyceum Manila 2011, while, 10 lady candidates are aiming to get the crown of Ms Lyceum Manila 2011. Who will be chosen as this year’s Mr and Ms Lyceum Manila 2011
Check the MR AND MISS LYCEUM 2011 FACEBOOK and take your pick.


Feb 15, 2011

Collection: Abstunning

Ohhhh abs -- the most beautiful part of the human male body -- always make us weak! *Sigh (100% pinoy)


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