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Jun 17, 2011

With or Without a Shirt: Nico Palma Gil

Cutie cute cute, Nico Palma Gilaspiring model from Davao, His goal is to become a successful model or an actor. He doesn't know much about modeling but he knows one thing that this is his dream, and he'll do whatever it takes to make his dreams become true.  He describes himself as "pretty" in the inside as well as the outside. Yes, you are!.

He stands 5' 8" at 145 lbs.

Photos courtesy of Infinite Models Internacional (Infinitemodels) 


Dr.Teng said...

very awesome! yummmy! he is also from davao city? dami na nila sumasakop sa kamaynilaan hahaha

Anonymous said...

so pag mkaDscover kau ng guy lyk nico ofcors gay kau, whew!! dts why i prefer to stay in ph when im done wd my course in communications... ds guy sooo freaking fresh and unattended pa lng lol !! lucky dos lenses taking hawt pictorials wd him..hey guys can u post in his undie? make xure wd lil bulging otherwise his hnkiness won't shine !!can he post his digits to my email ad other than publicly ??

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