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May 30, 2011

Ladlad's vision and struggle

Source: DirectLine by Boy Abunda on May 30, 2011

In the eyes of the law, in the minds and hearts of people as it is in God’s everyone must be equal. This is the truth and this is what is right. This is Ladlad’s (The LGBT Party List) vision and struggle at the same time. I have committed to be part of this movement that simply asks that LGBT people be given the right to be people.

Two weeks ago, Chair of Ladlad Party List Ms. Bemz Benedito was invited to deliver a message at the launch of the multimedia exhibit on gay men and transsexual women dubbed Human Soul in the House of Representatives. The exhibit, spearheaded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), aims to gather support from lawmakers for the urgent passage of Anti-Discrimination Bill or ADB. Ladlad continues to deliver its message that whether you are gay, lesbian or transsexual, you have a right to be here in this changing world.

Here is the full text of Bemz speech. Read on.

We’ve been called lady boys, she-male, X-men and many other insulting and hurtful words.
We are called by many names, all of them centered on the belief that we cannot make up our minds. More and more, gay men are now being accepted by society, especially if they fit into the mold of the clean-cut, short-haired men who work in so-called “respectable” jobs.

But we are still relegated to stereotypes — the sex worker who walks the streets at night, exposing herself to indignities and the possibility of acquiring sexually-transmitted diseases. The entertainer with blonde hair who sings and dances in Japan. The comedy-bar host in stiletto shoes and flamboyant dress.

But stereotypes are like cardboard cut-outs: they do not form the complete picture. Not even a fragment of who we are.

I am a transgender, and I feel that I was assigned the wrong sex at birth. That is why, as in all journeys, the wrong has to be righted, the flaw corrected. In my heart and in my soul, I am a woman.  read more

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