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Apr 19, 2011

Too Hot For Facebook?

We all know that when it comes to uploading pictures on to Facebook, you gotta be EXTRA careful cos anyone now, can report the pictures as "inappropriate" and you will soon find yourself with a warning and a possible profile suspension.

But, when are pictures too hot for Facebook? Well, they say that any picture that: contains nudity, or any kind of graphic or sexually suggestive content, are not permitted on Facebook. Well, how about a kiss? A kiss between 2 men? Is this sexually suggestive? Well, apparently it is.

US writer Niall O’Conghaile used an image of a gay kiss from the soap "EastEnders" to accompany his blog about the "gay-kiss-in" last Friday in support of the gay couple that got kicked out of The John Snow pub. Then, the editor of the Dangerous Minds blog, Richard Metzger, where the news story was published, posted the story on Facebook. He soon received a warning from site administrators about the image. Stating that it was removed because it was graphic and/or sexually suggestive.

Richard Metzger has now written Facebook to ask why the image was removed but so far no word from Facebook. I will be keeping a close eye on this story cos the same thing happened to me and I asked for the "Facebook Admin team" to give me a reason or at least the picture I had uploaded that was considered inappropriate but they never got back to me!

So, do you think the picture was offensive or sexually suggestive? Should Facebook relax or are they just trying to keep the site as "clean" as possible? You decide!

Facebook has now said SORRY and released this statement: "The photo in question does not violate our Statement of Rights & Responsibilities and was removed in error. We apologise for the inconvenience."

Hundreds posted the picture as their profile pic to complain about the removal and it seems as though Facebook took action! Good on them!

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