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Apr 12, 2011

Rookie Renz Dilla : Baguio's steamy stud

The name Rookie Renz Dilla doesn’t ring a bell yet but it soon will, certainly.

Hot stud Renz, 20, from Baguio City, has been modeling for a while now and loving it. He hopes to go far with it and eventually travel into acting. Mainly, Renz wants to focus on bikini open, mid fashion but am really up for anything.

Renz is a quiet, modest guy who works hard and has accomplished so much in his short life.
Photos courtesy of  JOE MALICDEM

If you are interested in working with Rookie Renz Dilla, you may contact him at FACEBOOK


Anonymous said...

based on these photos alone, i am a fan of renz dilla!

Anonymous said...

real cute pero manggagantso..

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