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Dec 29, 2010

The First Big Party of 2011

The First Big Party is an annual event that aims to kick off the new year with a massive gathering of music lovers, booze guzzlers and party animals.

Headlining FBP '11 is Bob Sinclar, known for hits such as Love Generation, World Hold On, Lala Song, and his new chart-topping hit, Tik Tok!

Happy New Year just got a whole lot better, thanks to Avant Artists and Driven.

Dec 28, 2010


"The hottest hunks in Malaysia 2010/11" is the title of this extra-large unfordable poster by Victor Phang shot by Andrew Wong for the 2011 calendar of Malaysian fabulous mag New Icon for him.


Dec 27, 2010

Albert Cunanan : Pampanga's Talented boy-next-door

Pampanga's hottie, Albert, is a 20-year-old student from Angeles City taking up a  4years degree at Systems Plus College Foundation. He's currently modeling on the side to support his studies. He enjoys listening to music, dancing, traveling and jogging. He stands 5' 10" at 128 lbs.

For questions or job offers, you may contact Albert at FACEBOOK


Dec 25, 2010

MR. GAY WORLD 2011: MANILA FLARE Logo Design Contest

Mr. Gay World invites everyone to join the MR. GAY WORLD 2011: MANILA FLARE Logo Design Contest. The contest is open to everyone who has a talent for creative graphic design.

Logos must complement the theme of the MANILA FLARE’s rationale. (FLARE: (noun) - a sudden burst of flame; (verb) shine with a sudden light; (synonyms) burn; blaze; flame; flicker; flash; sparkle)

“That is, after holding Mr. Gay World in two countries that have cold seasons, the pageant found its new host for its 2011 competition in Manila. The country has more tropical scenic backdrops and a ‘change’ from the snowy climate to the beautiful beaches and the warm climate as well as the hospitality of Filipino people.”

The logo must also contain the following words – MR. GAY WORLD 2011; Manila, Philippines and Manila Flare.

See attached logo of Mr. Gay World Philippines which you might be able to use as reference.

Please submit your logo designs at putting your name in the Subject heading and your contact details at the body text. Logo entries must be in PSD file format.

The winning logo designer gets 2 VIP seats for the Mr. Gay World 2011 Finale on March 13, 2011 at Club Mwah! and live acknowledgement during the Grand Finale Night. The winning logo will be used in Mr. Gay World’s collaterals (tickets, posters, etc.) and merchandise (t-shirt).

Disclaimer: Mr. Gay World will hold absolute exclusive rights to the submitted logo designs.

DEADLINE OF ENTRIES: January 8, 2011

Dec 22, 2010

Joel Cruz opens 2011 with ‘1@11’

THE Lord of Scents and “Celebrity Duets” season two grand winner Joel Cruz opens 2011 with a big and unforgettable show entitled “1@11” which happens on Jan. 08 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

The event shall feature and launch the newest endorsers of Aficionado Germany Perfumes and Joel Cruz Signatures  international singing sensation  .....
and Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano
as well as another star endorser of the brand, John Lloyd Cruz.
The event will also feature other star endorsers of Aficionado Germany Perfumes and Joel Cruz Signatures like Aj FalconErich Gonzales,  Pauleen LunaAlfred Vargas.

Charice will have 3 variants of patented scents made especially for her namely “Charice Perfume for Women,”Charice Unisex Perfume,” and a men’s cologne while Gary Valenciano has two variants aptly called “Gary Valenciano for Aficionado” both for men and women.

The show will feature Charice and Gary V together for the very first time in a huge musical event in a big venue as SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. The event will also showcase an impressive assembly of the country’s top male and female models as they sashay their way through the runway wearing Joel Cruz Signatures’ newest apparel collection.

Pop/rock band Kamikaze will power the house after the fashion show and the main concert event of Charice and Gary V. Other great surprises await the audiences as Joel Cruz will give away special prizes amounting over a million pesos!

Over-all event direction is by Roxanne Lapus and Robby Carmona directs the event’s special fashion show segment.

Dec 18, 2010

Mr. Gay World 2010: CHARL VAN DEN BERG launched Red Ribbon Campaign in Manila

Mr. Gay World Charl van den Berg of South Africa celebrated his 29th birthday last December 9 coinciding with the Mr. Gay World and Mr. Gay World- Philippines organizations’ "Red Ribbon" campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness held at Club Phi at Metrowalk, Pasig City.

Charl van den Berg 

Charl was surprised with a birthday cake by Mr. Gay World Regional Director for Asia Noemi Alberto, Mr. Gay World Organization President Erik Butter and Winstruck Productions’ Mac Bordallo right after delivering his speech where he advocated for serious awareness of the HIV/AIDS problem besetting all countries around the world.

Reigning Mr. Gay World Philippines Sherwin Limon  Abuel also gave an emotional testimonial speech about a close friend who died of AIDS recently. 

There were also guest speakers from the Department of Health 
(Dr. Pecos Camarines of the City Health Department) as well as from various NGOs and private organizations.

Ms. Alberto, on the other hand, expressed her hopes for the successful staging of the 3rd Mr. Gay World finals which will be held in Manila on March 13, 2011 at CLUB MWAH.

Dec 17, 2010

VAN KIEN : Vietnam newest heart throb

Very good looking guy with a great looking athletic body, Van Kien is a 21-year-old aspiring model  from Hanoi Vietnam. He also participated in a Supermodel Contest in Vietnam. Van Kien owns a perfect body. Recently, he placed top 6  and received a Photogenic model award. Unfortunately, the judges said he was too young and had lots of time to prove himself. After the competition, Van Kien returned to Hanoi to continue studying at Colleges of Technology, and continue his modeling activities. His number 1 goal is to be a respected actor someday. He hopes to appear in movies someday. A natural athlete, he enjoys basketball and baseball. 

He stands 6' 0" at 135 lbs. 

Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s 2010 Man of the Year

The guy with more friends than anybody has been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year: Mark Zuckerberg, the controversial founder of Facebook.

Winning the honor over such short-listed names as WikiLeak’s Julian Assange (the favorite in a readers’ poll), the Tea Party, the Chilean Miners, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Afghanistan leader Hamid Karzai, Zuckerberg on his own Facebook page describes his personal interests as “openness, making things that help people connect and share what’s important to them, revolutions, information flow, minimalism.”

As Time tagged Zuckerberg’s on the Web site of the Today show – Time editor Rick Stengel made the announcement of Zuckerberg’s selection on the NBC morning program – “More than half a billion people on the planet live in a world created by Mark Zuckerberg. The good news is, their friends all live there too. Zuckerberg founded the social networking site Facebook in his college dorm six years ago, but 2010 was the year that Facebook reached critical mass, both in sheer quantity of users and in its presence (through its ‘connect’ features) all over the Web.”

The profile continued, “Zuckerberg spent much of the year fighting privacy concerns, and this fall he had to shake off a movie that depicted him as an alienated loner, hacking to get girls. But the world’s youngest billionaire has no plans to slow Facebook’s growth, nor does it show any sign of stopping.”

That movie is The Social Network, which, besides doing well at the box office, is an Oscar Best Picture front runner. In the past week it’s been honored, too – having been named Best Picture of the Year by the National Board of Review, the New York Film Critics Circle and critics’ groups in Toronto, Boston and Los Angeles. In addition, the movie and its leading man, Jesse Eisenberg, who plays a hard-boiled Zuckerman, received Golden Globe nominations.

He’s 26.

Dec 14, 2010

Man Crush 2010 Showdown: May-August (Round 2)

WOW, is all I have to say. The voting for the first round of our “Man Crush 2010 Showdown” exceeded our expectations. Over 22,000 votes were cast in just seven days. After all the seesawing back and forth, Scott Herman bested all others and has a secured a spot in the finals. Runner-up Henry Cavill came in second, losing by only 600 votes from first place.
All is not lost for Cavill fans. Depending on how the rest of the two remaining rounds go, he has a shot at two wild card slots. The finals will have the winner of each of the three rounds and the two crushes who had the highest number of votes but didn’t advance. With over 12000 votes cast, Cavill has a good shot of earning a finals berth and getting a little payback.
If you enjoyed “Man Crush 2010 Showdown” Round 1, you’re going to love Round 2. It has even sexier guys than the previous set. The list includes a trio of werewolves, a “Teenage Dream” and someone who hangs out with wild animals. Dangerous and sexy. Yum. Check out the studs in contention below and see why they were my weekly crushes during the months of May til August. Don’t forget to cast your votes daily and often.
Voting ends Monday Dec 20 when Round 3 begins.


Occupation: NHL Hockey Player / Hot Jock
Original Date: May 7, 2010
Why I Chose Him: I like a man who has good “stick handling” and knows how to puck around.
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Occupation: Actor / Cougar Town Hottie
Original Date: May 14, 2010
Why I Chose Him: Why should Courtney Cox have all the fun. Truth be told, Patrick actually chose this one as I took a week off from scouring the net for hot men.
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Actor / All Man Part Wolf
Original Date: June 11, 2010
Why I Chose Him: If Sookie Stackhouse wasn’t going to pounce on this thick slab of werewolf meat, I wanted it known I was up for a little rebound action.
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Actor / White Collar Criminal Stud
Original Date: June 18, 2010
Why I Chose Him: This con-man doesn’t need to con me to to shower him with my adoration.
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Actor / Teen Wolf
Original Date: June 25, 2010
Why I Chose Him: He made watching ABC’s summer flop “The Gates” a “howling” good time.
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Fitness Model / Russian “Pec”tacular
Original Date: July 2, 2010
Why I Chose Him: Who doesn’t love a Russian fit model that can bench press you over their head. It’s hot guys like this that thawed the Cold War.
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Actor / Beautiful Life Casualty
Original Date: July 9, 2010
Why I Chose Him: How can you not find the picture on the right with a dog over his head adorable?
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Actor / Another Werewolf Hottie
Original Date: July 16, 2010
Why I Chose Him: This former TV firefighter only got hotter as a sexy uncle SLASH werewolf on the CW’s “Vampire Diaries”.
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Actor / Channing Tatum Part 3
Original Date: July 23, 2010
Why I Chose Him: He “stepped up” and danced away with my heart in Step Up 3D.
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Actor / Inception Mind F*ck
Original Date: August 6, 2010
Why I Chose Him: Those lips are too luscious and juicy to ignore. Plus he loves to show off his newly super buff body.
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Animal Trainer / Father Nature
Original Date: August 13, 2010
Why I Chose Him: If this handsome zoologist can time lions, tigers and bears, oh my. I’d like to see him tame my roaring wild animal. Starting with my “trunk”.
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Actor / 90210 Bad Boy
Original Date: August 20, 2010
Why I Chose Him: 9021-OMG. He makes me wanna head back to homeroom class for a little “extra credit”.
Click here for original Man Crush post and additional sexy pics.


Occupation: Model / Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream
Original Date: August 27, 2010
Why I Chose Him: He may have been Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, but he was the lead actor in my dirty wet dream.
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Who's My Hottest Weekly Crush From May 2010 - August 2010?

Dec 12, 2010

Who is the Sexiest Man on the Planet?

10. Zac Efron

9. Jake Gyllenhaal

8. Hugh Jackman

7. George Clooney

6. Ricky Martin

5. David Beckham
4. Cristiano Ronaldo
3. Brad Pitt

2. Me!'s YOU or your  Partner

How romantic is that! It’s the actual result of the final question of the EMIS survey - a fun question included by the survey creators to affirm the value of love and sex between men.

In the summer of 2010 more than 180,000 men (including 99,700 PlanetRomeo users) took part in the biggest ever study of men who have sex with men. Men across the whole of Europe were invited to take part via local, national, and international LGBT and HIV organizations, as well as pan‐European online‐communities like PlanetRomeo.

The questionnaire took about 20 minutes to complete and was available in 25 European languages.

The amount of data collected is huge and will take months to fully analyze and interpret. The final report is expected in September 2011. But a few initial findings were released by the organizers in December 2010. We’ve summarized them below, but you can also access the official report under "Publications" here:

The average age of participants was 30. But respondents in Eastern and South‐Eastern European countries tended to be younger. While in Northern and North-Western Europe respondents were generally older, many over 50.

Contrary to a lot of media reports, the data collected reveals men who have sex with men to be well informed about HIV and responsible about being tested for HIV.

35% took an HIV test in the past 12 months
Testing was most common in Spain, Portugal, Belgium & France.
Least common in Lithuania, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary & Turkey.

93% accuracy on general questions about HIV
The average score of 93% concerning five statements about HIV, testing and medication revealed a high level of knowledge among respondents. There were regional differences. These were small, but indicated slight knowledge gaps in Eastern and South‐Eastern European countries.

Huge differences are apparent when it comes to being “out”. More than two thirds of men were “out” in the UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands. But that figure drops to less than a quarter in Bosnia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Turkey, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus.

By cross-referencing information from two questions, a clear correlation was revealed between being “out” and having a “happy sex life”. For example, France, Belgium and the Netherlands scored high on both counts, but at the other end of the scale in countries where men are less likely to be “out”, there were greater levels of sexual dissatisfaction.

One exception to this rule was Portugal, where although few men identify as being “out”, levels of sexual happiness were quite high!

For more information, take a look at the official report under "Publications"

The final full report will be available in September 2011.

The EMIS project was co-funded by a grant of the European Agency for Health and Consumers, and executed by a joint consortium consisting of: Robert Koch Institute (Germany); Sigma Research (United Kingdom), University College Maastricht (Netherlands); Centre d'Estudis Epidemiològics sobre les ITS i Sida de Catalunya (Spain); Segreteria regionale Sanità e Sociale, Regione del Veneto (Italy). Administration of the project lies with GTZ (Germany).
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