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Jul 31, 2010

Kenneth Paul Salva : The Passionate and Tender-Hearted “Man of the Year”

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"I always pray to God not only in time of needs but also during happy moments. I am thankful to God for all the blessings."

Nickname: Kenneth

Age: 19

Height: 6'0

Hometown: Davao City

Country: Philippines

Education: B.S. Information Technology, University of Mindanao, Davao City.

Occupation: Full-time model

Work Experience: I have been working with various clients as promo model, image model for their launching events, and ramp model in showcasing the clients’ different products and services. These clients include: Smart Telecommunication, Smart Gold, Smart Buddy, Red Mobile, Smart Bro, San Miguel Beer Corporation, Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Unilever Philippines, and a lot more to mention. Recently, I have just won the prestigious male pageant, Man of the Year 2010. I have also won plenty of titles in different male pageants. Ramp modeling is my greatest passion and fortunately I have been handpicked many times by prominent designers in Davao City and here in Manila.

ISongs you’d put on a CD for a girl you liked? I will put only one song and that is Beautiful In My Eyes. I’ll record my own version though to make it more romantic.

Where do you hope to be or how do you see yourself 5 years from now? I see myself as a professional model; perhaps, having my own business and earning money for myself and also to help my family.

Any secret talents? Making voodoo dolls out of ordinary yarns. I actually do this as my extra business for extra income back in Davao City.

Who are the people you most admire? Jericho Rosales is my idol because from having nothing, he was able to obtain his dreams thought hardwork and perseverance.

Best dish to win a girl over? Adobong Manok. And if the girl wants exotic food, well, I can cook Adobong Palaka (Frog) for her.

I am an ideal bachelor because… I am an ideal bachelor because I am a victor in my own field. I am passionate and positive about the things I am currently doing, and I am eager to become an influence of good deeds to the entire bachelor community all over the world. It is one of my utmost desires to become a positive agent of change to encourage more bachelors to live their life respecting the equality between men and women; and to promote a world wherein heterosexual men are increasingly becoming more holistic human beings by embracing qualities associated with the "feminine" such as being gentle, empathic, sensitive, expressive, communicative, etc.

photo and story credit to 100 bachelors

Jul 30, 2010

ALVIN DE JOYA : The Athletic "Mr.World" Charmer



"I am guided with this verse from the bible: "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his own soul?"

Bachelor Image
Cauayan City, Isabela
Graduate Studies: Cardio-Renal Nurse Training Program, Philippine Heart Center, H.E.A.R.T. Foundation, Inc.; College: Bachelor of Science in Nursing-BSN, Far Eastern University – Manila (FEU); Vocational: Associate in Health Science Education-AHSE, Far Eastern University – Manila (FEU)
Model (Former Mr. World-Philippines); Entrepreneur (Internet Café Owner)
Hobbies/InterestBasketball, Billiards, Swimming, Working out, Driving, Social Networking

I am an ideal bachelor because… I'm God-fearing. I can cook some dishes; I'm sporty, romantic, and a little bit shy. I'm also flexible with what a girl wants. I can be a boy next door or a bad boy. My family will definitely welcome a girl in our lives. My parents told me, if I love somebody, they'll love her also.

What catches your eye? Nice butt, nice bustline or nice smile? Nice smile, I'm more on the face than the body.

If you can invent anything for women, what would it be? A never fading make-up to stop them from putting make-up everyday.

What's the biggest fashion turn off for you? Bad breath.

Why should a girl take you home to meet her parents? Meeting your girlfriend's parents is important because you will be able to see what kind of family she has. Also, as a sign of respect to her parents. Another rationale: There's a tendency that you will have the same kind of familial relationship when you get married.

Where do you hope to be or how do you see yourself 5 years from now? Maybe, I'll be a flight attendant, earning for myself and my family. I see myself having my own house which I am sharing with a kind and lovely wife.

Sell yourself in a sentence. I'm skilled, responsible and competent to handle work demands, capable of delivering the healthcare institution's standards for patient-care, and can work well under pressure.

Rick Malambri is shirtless sexy

Up-and-coming actor Rick Malambri — star of the much-anticipated dance movie, Step Up 3-D — goes shirtless in this sexy new photo shoot for celeb hairdresser Mark Townsend’s online destination

Watch trailer:

Step Up 3-D hits theaters August 6.
He’s 27.

Jul 28, 2010

Flexer of the Day: Romeo

Filipino cutie, Romeo, flexing his Asian muscles for us. Gwapo!!
(he sent this video for pinoy men society, love it. -macky88)

A college grad and now works for the federal government. Also competing in national bodybuilding competitions. Even though he is straight he is gay friendly person . I love this guy to death.-macky88 

ALDRICO LUBATON JR : Mindanao Dashing Mestizo

Introducing a 22 years old all Filipino stud, Aldrico aka jun jun, from Mindanao. He is new to modeling, kind of fell into it he says. Everyone that knows him says he's very spontaneous, and outgoing, and the best to have around. He is very smart debater, speaker, loves to keep active and have a good time. Extemporaneous  ORATING  is his absolute passion, but modeling is his way to break into that career. Aldrico dreams to host and  star in a variety show on tv someday. He stands 5' 7".

For serious job offers, you may contact ALDRICO LUBATON at

   photo credit to:  abbieabe photography

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010

Rounding out Dolce & Gabbana’s fall 2010 updates, Adam Senn, Sam Webb, Julien Quévenne, Sebastian Lund, Andrea Preti and others come together to present a portrait of this season’s impeccably groomed man.

visit  D&G WEBSITE   -MACKY88

Jul 27, 2010


Ryan Reyes is a 20-year-old student /part time model from General Santos. A talented boy, he's skills are dancing, singing, acting. He is most happiest when the sun is shining and chilling with friends. Very confident, Ryan describes himself as determined and always takes great pride in himself and his appearance. He's  height 5'7".

For serious job offers, you may contact RYAN REYES at

photo credit to  abbieabe photography

Jul 26, 2010

Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 5

The female/males finalist of  Hataw  Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 5 in fun shoot last week at manila Ocean Park. They will have pre-pageant on August 13 and  final night on  August 18 at Metro Bar, Quezon City.Some of the   guest artist : Mocha Girls, Masculados Dos, Princess Ryan, Carol Leus, Lemuel Santos, and Benj. 

Pageant host : Bb. Pilipinas finalist  Patricia Fernandez,  Richard Pinlac, and  Steve Patrick. 

FOR TICKET RESERVATION, CALL OR TEXT: 0920891263/09291868060.

Justin Bieber to make Primetime debut on ‘CSI’

He’s one of the hottest young stars in the world, so it comes as little surprise to find out that Justin Bieber has been nabbed for primetime television.

The Canadian singer will make his much-anticipated acting debut on the season opener of hit CBS crime drama “CSI”.

According to network reports, Bieber will be playing a character named Jason McCann - “a troubled teen who is faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother.”

With the episode slated to air on Thursday, September 23rd, insiders tell that the character may very well appear later in the seventh season, as well.

He’s 16.

Jul 25, 2010


In the the beginning there was Will Sandejas, Ryan Dungo, Sofia lee, Bess Galve, Robin Ocampo, Kish Mc Bride, Anne Janet Surjani. then came along the others who shone the brightest in the modeling world . 

Who will be the lucky ones at the Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 5 ? August 18 , Wednesday sa Metro Bar, West Avenue, QC.



Jul 22, 2010

Mich Dulce needs your votes to help her win in an online film festival.

She is currently in the Top 25, while voting is on its last two days.
Right now it doesn't matter if you understand the video or not, just VOTE!

Please don't just "like" it. Click on "VOTE" otherwise sayang your vote.—Mich Dulce

Screen shot 2010-07-21 at 11.39.56 PM

Thank you!

Sexy ad campaign for 'BONJOUR' CHERRY

Lots of sexy shirtless boys outdoors for the ad campaign “Bonjour”, a chocolate brand from Ukraine.

( bonjour cherry chocolate are now available in metro manila)
 watch the ad

Jul 19, 2010

Sexy Talk with AKIHIRO SATO

Coffee, tea or me?
If ever Akihiro Sato popped that question to a woman, I’m sure she would promptly answer this way: “Akihiro Sato and then a cup of steaming hot coffee (black, please!) or plain hot tea (no lemon nor syrup, please!).”

“I haven’t asked any woman that question yet,” admitted Akihiro, 26 (on Sept. 12), the six-footer half-Brazilian/half-Japanese model-turned-actor who wears large-size shirt, size-34 briefs and size-11 shoes.

But if ever he did, I guess Akihiro would offer neither himself nor tea (hot or ice-cold) but a cup of Seattle’s Best coffee which he’s currently endorsing.

“It keeps me alive and awake especially if I have an overnight shoot,” said Akihiro who loves Mexican food (“The more spicy the better”), snacks on French Fries and peanuts, usually takes only salads for dinner, and sleeps only in his underwear “and nothing else” since he sleeps alone, or in the nude “but only when I’m with a girl.”

In the next six weeks, Akihiro will disappear from the local showbiz scene, as he does when he has to hie off to his native Brazil for a breather from his increasing workload, but this time he’s mum on where he’s going. Here’s a clue: When asked in a previous interview what his favorite hideaway is, Akihiro said, “The beach where I can go surfing, like Baler in Quezon which is perfect for surfing. I want to go to Siargao which is very famous in Brazil because of the World Surfing Competition that was held there.”

Other places that Akihiro said he loves include Hong Kong although he’d go there for vacation and not to stay, and Bangkok which is like a second home to him because he has worked there as a model.

“But I love the Philippines the most,” he qualified, “because it’s very much like Brazil. The weather is the same and so is the temperament of the people who are very friendly like Brazilians.”

Before Akihiro flew to wherever he’s “hiding” in the next six weeks, Funfare did a “sexy talk” with him.

“What do I find sexy?” he asked. “Kindness is sexy to me. Sexiness is not at all limited to the physical.”

And what makes him feel sexy?

“Dressing well.”

You won’t believe how he answered to the question of how he lost his innocence.

“I’m still innocent,” followed by a sexy-innocent laughter. “I will always be innocent,” resounding with more laughter.

He named Alessandra Ambrosio, Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes as the three women he considered sexiest and added that the qualities he wants in a girl are that she must be “sexy, nice, intelligent, simple and funny,” hastening to add that he doesn’t have a girlfriend (by choice), “not at the moment because I’m busy focusing on my career.”

Here’s Akihiro’s “list of sexiest”:

• Sexiest sound: A violin playing As Time Goes By

• Sexiest song: Let’s Get It On (by Marvin Gaye)

• Sexiest book: The Lost Symbol (by Dan Brown) “because I love mystery novels”

• Sexiest movie he has ever seen: Pretty Woman (starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts)

• Sexiest part of his body: His six packs. “Or my smile…if you can consider it a part of your body. If not, my face where my smile is. They say that I have a happy smile that’s why I keep on smiling.”

• Sexiest part of a girl’s body: Her hands. “The nails must be clean.”

• Sexiest billboard: Penshoppe (displayed on EDSA featuring…who else…Akihiro Sato!)

• Sexiest face: Cameron Diaz

• Sexiest clothes: “On a woman? Nighties!”

• Sexiest perfume: Flora by Gucci or Eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal

• Sexiest time of day: Midnight. “Very conducive to romance.”

• Sexiest part of the house: “My room. There, I can do everything and I mean EVERYTHING!”

• Sexiest TV show: The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

• Sexiest scene he has ever done: “Not yet because all my roles in GMA are wholesome!”

• Sexiest fantasy: “Acting in a Hollywood movie? Not sexy enough? Okay, doing it with three girls at the same time. Hahahahaha!”

• Sexiest thing you’ve ever done to yourself: “Strip near-nude in the gym but only with fellow guys around, also too busy working out to look around.”

• Sexiest thing he has ever done to a girl: “Sing a song ala-Celebrity Duets!”

VAIO M Contest 29999


Just because you're having trouble viewing this, doesn't mean you have to miss out on the latest Sony news.  

Jul 18, 2010

JHONMARK MARCIA : Zambales Sizzling Sensation

Jhonmark is a 19-year-old all Filipino model from Zambales. He's had lots of experience in male pageant and  modeling and pushing his limits but he's always up for new challenges and surpassing his boundaries. He's interested to do stunt, body workout, and corporate modeling. He stands 5'11" at 155 lbs.

For serious job offers, you may contact jhonmark at

photo credit to dan santos photography
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