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May 31, 2010

MAN OF THE YEAR 2010 philippines

JUNE 17, 2010 ( Thursday) 8:00 PM


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                                            CLYDE CRUZ  
                                         KENJI GARCIA
                                   TAKAYUKI SAKAMOTO
                                    BERNARD BILLY GO
                                     CHRISWINNE MADELA
                                   DARWIN JAKE CASTRO
                                        JOSEPH ROBLES
                                      JAYSON MALABANAN
                             CHRISTIAN MARKO GALANG
                                  KENNETH PAUL SALVA
                                         MARLON MARCIA
                                       PAOLO SARMIENTO
                                          RUSSEL DAVID
                                    BERNARD MIRANDA
                                        JOJO NEPACINA
                                              JAY VIERNES
                                         JOLO GARCIA
                                         BOBBY ROA ROJO
                                         GENER AFRICA
                                        ALJON DELA CRUZ
                                          MARK REVILLA
                                    JACOB JOHN JOHNSON
                                        JETHRO SANCHEZ
                                     FRANCISCO MALLARI

May 27, 2010

bench/ UNCUT: Bold Look At The Future The BENCH DENIM & UNDERWEAR SHOW


July 2, 2010, 8:00PM
The Araneta Coliseum

Jason McCloskey at NEXT Hottest Model

Photo by Ricardo Muniz
He's an amazing blend of Irish and Philippine genes. With his unique look and inspiring personality, he's definitely one of the newest models to watch out for. From Ricardo Muñiz of Coquichulo Images, Ready to go NEXT with Jason?
Jason McCloskey is the NEXT Hottest Model.
Coquichulo Images 
Model: Jason McCloskey    Photo: Ricardo Muñiz/Coquichulo Images
"I think Photographers see my drive and determination to be a good model. As long as I have that, my height shouldn't stop me."
Coquichulo Images

Model: Jason McCloskey  Photo: Ricardo Muñiz/Coquichulo Images
"When it comes to fashion, I usually go for a trendy-vintage look. I like more of the fitted styles."
Photo by Ricardo Muniz

Model: Jason McCloskey  Photo: Ricardo Muñiz/Coquichulo Images
"Honestly, I use rejection as motivation. When a casting agent, director or scout tells me why I'm not what they're looking for, then I try my best to improve in that area so that it doesn't happen again."
Coquichulo Images

Model: Jason McCloskey    Body Art Design/Photo: Ricardo Muñiz/Coquichulo Images
"Five things in life which I just can't live without? Obviously, Food and Water, but also family, friends and knowledge."
Coquichulo Images
Model: Jason McCloskey    Photo: Ricardo Muñiz/Coquichulo Images
"The perks of being a model? I would have to say the fun place that I've visited, the attention that I get and the learning experience that comes with collaborating with different talented individuals."
Ricardo Muniz
Model: Jason McCloskey    Photo: Ricardo Muñiz /Coquichulo Images
"How do I prepare for a photo shoot? I make sure I got enough rest and get a fresh haircut the day before."  (Some of Jason shots featured his earlier looks, showing him with his long hair)
Coquichulo Images
 Follow Ricardo's Latest shots click Ricardo Muñiz
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Ricardo Muniz
During one of his Underwear Runway, Jason shares a funny moment, "I was doing an underwear fashion show, as I was about to step in the catwalk, one of my friends spanked me, and it was really funny cause at the same time, I'm about to walk back for my second pose. The way she did it just made everyone laugh!"  So how was the experience working with Ricardo? "I think Ricardo wants me to be the best that I can, so, at times, he is blunt with me. He definitely lets me know that having an attractive face and body does nothing for me unless I have creativity along with it." When asked about his most memorable modeling experience, Jason shares, "I don't think I have a most memorable modeling experience, because I think every job, is just as important as the next. It's always a pleasurable experience doing them."
Coquichulo Images
Model: Jason McCloskey    Photo: Ricardo Muñiz /Coquichulo Images

"Actually, there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not happy being a model. I enjoy it very much."

Always Exciting. Always NEXT.

May 25, 2010

Markki Stroem on his circulating nude photos: ‘I am a bit nahihiya

                               Photos courtesy of Cornerstore Talent Management

Markki Stroem is a twenty two year old Filipino-Norwegian singer who is also inclined in songwriting and playing the piano. A music fan in nature. He enjoys listening to all genre including broadway but his heart beats for the soul sound. A marketing student in Switzerland who alongside undeniably desires to establish himself to be one of the most potential rising artists who will bring fresh air in the music industry with his extraordinary compositions and remarkable interpretation of covers.

Nude photos of Pilipinas Got Talent finalist Markki Stroem was  circulating in the internet but Showbiz News Ngayon merely uncovered the ones where he’s wearing skimpy underwear which showed off his fantastic figure. Although the 22-year old confirmed that the reports are true, he couldn’t help but be embarrassed for being caught in this controversy. “Yeah, I saw them. I mean, I’m a bit nahihiya kasi everything is out there and I just want to show that I can sing and I’m a musician. And I don’t want everyone to be seeing the picture of me in my underwear as something that's distracting to the fact that I’m a contestant in Pilipinas Got Talent,” he shyly said in a recent interview.

The dashing Fil-Norwegian further explained that those photos were taken during a fashion show that he was part of back in Europe last year. “They're very open about things so when I was doing it, it was just kind of nothing, I guess, for me. But the culture here is a bit different than it is from there.” When asked if he would go back to modelling if his stint in Pilipinas Got Talent won’t work out, he was quick to say that he’d be more conservative next time. “I guess salamat sa lahat (who gave positive feedback on his sexy photos) who said that, but it’s still nakakahiya,” he reiterated.

Both SNN hosts Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda thought nothing about it, however, stating that there’s nothing wrong with flaunting ones sexy body. Boy even assured Markki that many aspiring singers who used to flaunt their bodies in the past still made it in the music industry.
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