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Apr 29, 2010

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Apr 23, 2010

back to bed (club & bar )

By Mikee dela Cruz

Many (particularly the young ones) may argue with this, but the earlier part of the 2000s (say, 2001 to 2004) may be reflective of how much fun GLBTQI Filipinos can have in the often dubbed as the gay capital of the Philippines, Malate in the City of Manila. There were then the likes of Joy, arguably the first gay bar – Western style – in the Philippines; Mint, which mimicked Queer As Folks’ Babylon, complete with the sex den at the back of the bar; somewhat pretentious Acquario that wanted to give life to Sex and the City in Metro Manila; Red Banana, more a sex club than a bar (which, for a while, even became a lesbian bar – an absence obvious in Malate now, as it lacks representative venues of the other colors of the GLBTQI rainbow flag); Biology Café, which didn’t actually offer coffee, just a venue for groping (and more); et cetera.
Bed Bar
Bed Bar
Bed Bar
“The boys from Bed's early days still drop in from time to time, but we don't see them as often as before. As with any city, newer developments spring up, and because of these newer venues there are more places to explore where people want try to drink and play.  But we're lucky that after seven years, we remain the only night club that is 100% owned and operated by gay men, catering to gay men. And a few women.”
Bed Bar
Decadent, perhaps.

But fun, definitely.

Mid-2000s was when these started folding up – first the cafés (Batavia, Breton, et cetera), which were taken over by Korean restaurants; then the bars (Joy, Red Banana, Mint, et cetera); then the GLBTQIA shops; et cetera.

People who started going to the “gay Malate,” as the place has often been described, only after 2004-2005 may only be familiar with, among others, Sonata (even this has changed – name: Storyboard – as it has turned into a Karaoke bar), Che’lu, and O Bar.

One venue is a remnant of the glam past, though, even as it has remained relevant (and fun) in these somewhat tamer times.
Head to Bed Bar.


Back in April 2003, when Bed was opened, “it was quite a smaller bar (competing with) plenty of bars around the area such as Acquario, Fidel, Mint, et cetera,” says Jay Santos, resident DJ and VP for operations of the venue.  But the owners were clear in their intent: To market the venue as a dance club.

“Our concept was to have an open floor, no chairs, and a pumping sound system powered by two awesome spin-meisters, DJ's Travis Monsod and Cocoy Puyat. Needless to say, the formula was pretty successful. We were packed to the rafters every single night,” Santos says.

This success led to Bed’s expansion within a year of its opening, with the changes including doubling the size of the venue (which has, by then, “become an integral part of the nightlife romps of the LGBT community,” Santos says); a new DJ booth decked out in Pioneer CDJ-1000 MKII's, an Allen & Heath Xone 6, and double Technics turntables; state-of-the-art lighting system with two new scanners and four moving heads; inclusion of TV monitors and a big video wall; installing of a new Martin Audio sound system; and the addition of a new lounge area on the first floor, as well the putting up of more cushy seats all around the club.

The growth also led to the hiring of gay DJs – Toy Armada, Brian Cua, Ohm, and Santos – so that it became completely gay-owned and operated. 


As with any club, age is also Bed’s biggest challenge.  “The boys from Bed's early days still drop in from time to time, but we don't see them as often as before. As with any city, newer developments spring up, and because of these newer venues there are more places to explore where people want try to drink and play,” Santos says.  But “we're lucky that after seven years, we remain the only night club that is 100% owned and operated by gay men, catering to gay men. And a few women.”

Santos, though, believes that “luck is only part of our long time success,” he says. “We work hard to keep you partying hard. We're on a non-stop quest for the perfect cocktail, the best house and tribal beats, the most fun events, the funniest drag shows, the sexiest all male modeling competitions. It's a full time job what we do, and the most important thing about it is that we absolutely love what we do.”

Santos adds: “(Our vision) still holds true today.  We are, and always will be Manila's hottest, sexiest, wildest, raunchiest, wackiest, loudest, hardest, biggest, silliest, funnest dance club for gay men and women, their admirers, and the city's tourists. We will always serve the best tasting drinks and churn out the most awesome house and tribal sounds at par with the best clubs around the world. We are out, proud, and very, very loud. We are Bed.”


For Bed, its existence goes beyond merely providing a venue to party. “We're not as advanced as the West. We don't have a gay newspaper. We don't have a gay TV network. There are very few places where you see positive images of gay men and women in this country. We are still struggling to catch up with the rest of the world in that aspect. It also doesn't help that we are the only country in Asia that is almost completely Catholic. And I think we can all agree that their church hasn't been very nice to our kind. So with the lack of outlets here in Metro Manila, we felt strongly that we had a responsibility to act as an instrument to reach out and get (GLBTQI) advocacy across,” Santos says. “If Bed (is a) place where gay men and women will, at one point in their life, step into even if only to check it out, then we feel we have an obligation to (give them pertinent GLBTQIA information), to be the messenger of change.”

Thus far, Bed’s outreach activities to the GLBTQI community in the Philippines include sponsorship of charities, participation in the Pride celebration, and hosting of events of various GLBTQIA groups and organizations in Metro Manila.
And, no, Bed is far from resting just yet – new plans are being made to make the venue “bigger (with what will) get you moving,” Santos beams.

With that, seemingly in time with the renewed emergence of the GLBTQIA community in the Philippines, Bed, too, “is about to soar.”

Bed Bar celebrates its 7th anniversary on April 30.
Visit Bed Bar at M. Orosa-J. Nakpil Courtyard, Malate, City of Manila; visit; call (+632) 5363045, or email:

summer gets hotter

This Monday, April 26, 2010, Japanese-Brazilian models Akihiro Sato, Fabio Ide and Daniel Matsunaga are featured on a live chat over

Apr 22, 2010

David Archuleta spotted at a gay bar ‎

Over the weekend, American Idol singer David Archuleta was spotted partying in one of New York City’s hottest gay bars, Club 57. The incident revived talk that behind the singer’s cute, squeaky-clean image is a homosexual man.
With his fandom apparently shaken, Archuleta took to Twitter to explain himself. Apparently, he came not for the men, but for his friend, pop Filipina international princess Charice (my idol -macky), who performed a remixed version of “Pyramid” at the venue.

Archuleta claims he didn’t know the venue was a gay club.
“Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn’t my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn,” he posted.
“The upside,” Archuleta added, “was that Charice was awesome, and she has an incredible voice. Hope that clears things up! Been seeing some of the tweets… sheesh!”
He assured his worried fans, “I wouldn’t get into things like that intentionally haha.”

Archuleta said Charice apologized to him for not thinking of the rumors that his attendance to the venue might — and did — spawn.
“Charice is great and she didn’t mean to do cause any harm haha. She apologized a lot after. She’s way nice lol.”

Curiously, when Archuleta was here in Manila, Philippines, last May for a concert, the local media was barred from asking him about his sexual preference.

He’s 19.

Apr 21, 2010

vietnamese amatuer Model: lance nguyen in Underwear

You’ve already seen a shirtless Vietnamese male model in the person of  Jonathan Khan. Now here’s another Vietnamese amateur  model named  Lance Nguyen who, we must say, is a little more daring than Jonathan because he posed in his underwear. He’s got really nice muscles, too. Way to go, Lance - macky

Apr 17, 2010

O Bar: Gay Everyday


Location: 1801 Nakpil St. Corner Orosa Malate Manila
Opens: Monday to Thursday 7:00pm until 4:00 am
Friday to Saturdays 7pm till 6am of the next day
Sunday 8:00pm to 03:00 am sometimes there is a drag show between 1am to 2am

                                    photo credit to : ramon papa facebook

Not everybody knows this – I most certainly didn’t, at least not for a while – but Malate in the City of Manila, that gay capital before gayness started to spread all over Metro Manila (and the whole Philippines, thankfully), is actually alive the whole week now.  Much like the scene is in the West, you can now go partying from Monday to Sunday – largely thanks to O Bar, if I may say so.

Why am I saying so?

Joy used to be Malate – then there were Mint/Babylon, Red Banana, Biology Café, and Rainbow Pride, among others.  When everything closed, the one that stayed open was Bed Bar, so much so that partying was dictated by Bed Bar’s owners’ whims and caprices; usually, that’s only from Thursday to Saturday (at times Wednesdays, or other regular days, for that matter, for special events).  This would be a major factor in the rise of O Bar, which fulfilled the need to party whenever – which is what it does now, providing a venue to let the hair down even on a Sunday or a Monday or a Tuesday.

The surprise is, a lot of people actually flock to O Bar on these days – maybe because it’s when they are off work (e.g. call center agents), or, as it is overseas, maybe simply because we need a place to party whenever we want to.  So if/when in the lookout for relatively newer (i.e. younger) community members, O Bar is the place to be at...
And then there’s the price – from P100 to P150 (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday) and from P150 to P200 (Friday to Saturday), it’s a bargain compared with Bed Bar’s P300 to P350 (Friday to Saturday); especially since P150 is good for three bottles of beer or a glass of cocktail drink, while P300 is just good for a bottle or glass of cocktail drink.

Yes, admittedly, the place is small – as small as the ground floor of Bed Bar used to be.  To those familiar with the former places used to be there (Red Banana), which occupied two floors , this is noticeable – but then again, when performers do their acts, the expression “packed like sardines” comes to mind, seemingly a warning that should there be a stampede, someone’s bound to get hurt for sure (not that the community heeds warnings...).

Not that most would complain, actually.  It’s tight spaces that appeal to gays, after all – makes groping easier, truth be told (and it happens in O Bar, too).  On this, just stay closer to the dance floor, closer to the main door, those who are claustrophobic (or even semi-claustrophobics).  Having said these, near the door (it only has one main one) is where best to stay in O Bar, as it’s safest, and it’s where you see everyone entering – disadvantage is it’s the farthest from the toilet, as it’s way, way at the back (near back entry, which most aren’t allowed to use), so that peeing means going out to do so.

Must note:
  • Friday and Saturday is the best time to Party. Most gay clubs ( Opens around 10 PM but the crowd usually arrives much later.
  • Those staying at the first pole from the main door, right across the bar, tend to be just as desperate, so...;
  • The snobs (and many of them don’t even look THAT good) tend to stay at the bar area;
  • When outside, the supposedly “in” people stay closest to the main door (problem is, City of Manila’s mayor Alfredo Lim disallows and then allows and then disallows and then... the placement of the tables outdoors, so being able to sit outside is an on/off thing).
    All in all, though, if it’s partying ANY TIME that’s wanted, needed even, then head off to O Bar – the gay place that is always open.

    Hunk Rocco Nacino: Shoreline Sweetheart

    One look at April beach boy Rocco Nacino and you know that he is one positive, good-natured guy. Cheerful, easygoing, and never without a smile on his face, Starstruck V’s Second Prince—who now dances his way to stardom in GMA’s Sunday variety show Party Pilipinas—effortlessly lights up the boob tube, as well as any room he enters. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s got a nice set of washboard abs to go with the great personality!

    We’d love to just shoot the breeze with Rocco all day, but we know there’s a lot more to him than a sunny disposition and a 24-karat grin. How else could he have bagged a role opposite Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo in the afternoon drama Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak if he didn’t have an emotional side tucked away somewhere? So we put our prying powers to task and set off to uncover a sea of sentimentality bubbling beneath this registered nurse’s wholesome sheen.

    Listen in on our private convo with Rocco as he spills about summer flings and bummer breakups. We know it’s super cliche, but we just had to ask the budding young star what he thinks of sunsets! And don’t be fooled by the photo of a shirted Rocco above—you’ll be seeing him take it off in just seven clicks!

    What do you think of summer flings?

    No problem with that. It happens.

    Would you say people are more open to hooking up while away on summer vacation?

    Why not? Malay mo. You might find that person you really want.

    Have you ever hooked up with a girl you met on vacation?

    May mga nakilala rin ako. Siyempre inalam ko muna kung taga-saan siya and so on. When we got back to Manila, then we hooked up.

    What happened?

    Nothing. Hindi tumagal.

    Why did it end?

    Parang you’re in the middle of trial and error e. You’re searching for one girl, then you realize, “Ay, hindi pala siya.”

    Have you ever cried over a girl?

    Yeah, because we broke up.

    Aww. Who broke up with whom?

    It was mutual. Kasi that was during Starstruck. Wala talagang oras. Kung may oras man, kulang pa para sa sarili ko. It was really hard, so we decided to maybe pause for a while. Pero the friendship is still there. We still talk.

    Have you ever dumped a girl?

    Yeah. Things were not working out; maybe it was best that we stay friends.

    Are you one of those guys who would want the girl to do the dumping just so they don't feel guilty about it?

    I tried that once (laughs). Pero she loved me more for that! But eventually naging mutual decision din to break up.

    Are you the type of guy who likes to watch sunsets?

    With someone special, that would be really romantic.

    But what if you were watching the sunset by yourself?

    Ako lang? No. Mag-isa ka lang diyan? Ang boring. Sana may kasama ka 'di ba?

    But if you were doing it with a girl, that would be okay.

    Yeah, that would be sweet. Tapos may kasamang kiss sa cheek. Para kilig.

    Read the article »

    Shot on location at Lugar De Verano, Matabungkay, Batangas.

    Button-down shirt and denim shorts from Levi's.

    Grooming by Cats del Rosario
    Styling by Liz Anne Bautista
    Special thanks to Jenny Donato of GMA Artist Center

    Apr 11, 2010

    Ivan Dorschner - the Striking Stud of Rizal..

    Nickname: Ivan
    Status: In House
    Real Name: Ivan Dorschner
    Origin: Rizal
    Age: 19


       About me
    I've had friends describe me as a down to earth people person. If im involved in something I like to know about all the sides of the process. In photography for example, I like taking pictures and editing then just as much or even more than being in them.

    Im a boyscout in the most sincere essence of the word. I greatly respect hardwork and integrity and can hold my own in the wilderness.

    Throughout my life family members, friends and even people who are relative strangers to me have brought up the idea that I should go into modeling/acting and I've decided to take advantage of their opinion.

    I do things best when they are laid out in front of me, preferably on some kind of list i can check off. Independent work is definitely not my forte. I find I work well with others and can be the most creative during the process of whatever project we're trying to complete.

    Send me a message. Any kind of work is appreciated - pbb teen ivan

    Apr 10, 2010

    Kenjie Zabala - Subic's Sizzling Sensation

    Sizzling Sensation hunk Kenjie is a 21-year-old model from Subic. He's always wanted to do modeling but because of his hectic schedules at school, he's never really had time to focus on it. He wants to change that this year with the goal to appear print ads and magazines. He stands 6' 1" at 133 lbs.

    Photos masterfully taken by Ian Felix Alquiros of Men’s Room

    please vote Kenjie Zabala - Subic's Sizzling Sensation for Cosmo's Steamy Summer Studs

    Online Voting for the Cosmo Summer's Steamy Studs at is now open. You just need to register to be able to vote. You can vote for  Kenjie Zabala once a day only. It's so easy! Everybody is allowed to vote and repost this link.

    Leo Miranda - Batangas' Bad-Ass Bachelor

    The heat is on! Slather on some sunblock and feel the temperature rise as you feast your eyes on these gorgeous men from Batangas.

    Take a deep breath and be AMAZED! Meet 21-year-old batangueno male model Leo Miranda

        Photos masterfully taken by Ian Felix Alquiros of Men’s Room.

    please vote Leo Miranda - Batangas' Bad-Ass Bachelor for Cosmo's Steamy Summer Studs

    Online Voting for the Cosmo Summer's Steamy Studs at is now open. You just need to register to be able to vote. You can vote for  Leo Miranda once a day only. It's so easy! Everybody is allowed to vote and repost this link.

    Apr 8, 2010

    Kazuo Nawa : Laguna's Sizzling-Hot Chinito

    please vote  Kazuo Nawa for Cosmo's Steamy Summer Studs

    Online Voting for the Cosmo Summer's Steamy Studs at is now open. You just need to register to be able to vote. You can vote for  Kazuo Nawa  once a day only. It's so easy! Everybody is allowed to vote and repost this link.

    Kazuo Nawa
    18 yrs old
    Half japanese/ half philippine, JaPiNoY

    Rumor has it that this teen cutie would be also starring in the upcoming weekly youth-oriented show of ABS-CBN
    A new face to watch this year..
    Endorsement: Bench PH
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