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Sep 29, 2010

PINOY men SOCIETY ICON: Marc Saw Nelson

Marc saw Nelson truly is a man of the world. Graduating with a bachelor's degree in Social Anthropology, he's always been interested in other cultures. Since the ripe old age of 7, he as been traveling and living in all of the far flung corners of the globe. From Mauritius to Egypt, Estonia to Brazil, and everywhere in between he has managed to visit over 40 countries and lived in 7 of them. After living in such diverse countries as Tanzania, Kenya, Hong Kong and Canada as well as his native Australia, Marc found himself most at home in the Philippines. And it is in the Philippines that he found his true calling.

I first saw him when I visited a relatives in Marikina city. Man, he's even hotter in person. Marc arrived in the Philippines in the late 90’s for a diving holiday but ended up staying for good, working the catwalk, hosting TV shows and teaching a step or two in Eezy Dancing. He soon became the face of Bench Underwear and currently regular host of SPORTS UNLIMITED.

Born Marc Saw Nelson on Valentine’s Day in Sydney, Australia, Marc admits that modeling is something he never even considered doing.

With genes he inherited from his multi-racial parents, complemented by his interest in sports and outdoor activities, Marc became a favorite for ramp, TV and print ads and as host for TV shows and events. (His mom has Burmese and English blood, born in Scotland and raised in Burma and Thailand; while his father is of Chinese and Burmese origin but migrated in Australia).


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