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Dec 29, 2009

metro macky gifts giving

10 Gifts for 10 Controversial Celebs

hayden-pineapple1. Hayden Kho
The gift: Canned pineapple chunks
Why: So he can get all the goodness of pineapples without the wounds from allegedly rubbing his face against pineapple leaves.

maricar-trophy2. Maricar Reyes
The gift: A trophy
Why: For coming out on top with projects left and right after the Hayden Kho sex video scandal. Indeed, there is no bad publicity.

jinkee-gloves3. Jinkee Pacquiao
The gift: Boxing lessons
Why: So she can knock out fighters (or players) who hit below the belt.

krista-security4. Krista Ranillo
The gift: A security team
Why: So she doesn’t have to use Enchanted Kingdom’s security to ward off the press. The amusement park’s patrons need protection too, you know.

kris-aid5. Kris Aquino
The gift: A hearing aid
Why: Because we’ve always wondered if she can hear herself speak.

marian-speech6. Marian Rivera
The gift: Speech lessons. Maybe the Berlitz Language Center offers gift certificates…
Why: Because saying “beautiful” for a TV commercial shouldn’t sound so painful.

carla-acting7. Carla Abellana
The gift: Acting workshops
Why: Because her Rosalinda portrayal didn’t make us say “Ay, amor!” just “Ay.”

charice-shopping8. Charice Pempengco
The gift: A shopping spree with Michael Salientes
Why: As bloggers Chuvaness and Candy noticed, the extremely childish-looking 17-year-old diva could learn a lot from Michael Salientes who’s responsible for Sarah Geronimo’s record-breaking fashion transformation.

rama-stressball9. Annabelle Rama
The gift: A stress ball
Why: This Christmas might be the Gutierrez matriarch’s happiest because the Department of Justice reversed the dismissal of the libel complaint they filed against PEP, as she told Showbiz Central, but we’re still giving her a stress ball. We can only imagine the monstrous strain a legal battle this big causes.

dionisia-xbox10. Aling Dionisia Pacquiao
The gift: Dance Dance Revo on Xbox
Why: So the 60-year-old dancing queen can practice more and even defend her title internationally through Xbox Live’s online competition.

Dec 28, 2009

The Niños Inocentes Kamoteng Kahoy Awards

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Beware. If somebody borrows money from you today, shoo him away. Or lend him counterfeit money and charge him a 50 percent patong (na talagang bubukol). If somebody asks for your hand in marriage, say “Yes!” right away, even without any pre-nup, after all you can change your mind tomorrow.
Yes, it’s Niños Inocentes Day (which happens to be Boxers Day in Singapore not because they pay tribute to boxers but because that’s the day when they open Christmas boxes).
Funfare will beat the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival Gabi ng Parangal scheduled tonight (at the Mall of Asia SMX Convention Center) by giving out its First Kamoteng Kahoy Awards to showbiz guys not in official MMFF competition (in which all entries and their stars are nominated).
The following awards are based on just one criterion: noise. The louder the noise created, the better chances the nominees have of bringing home a kamoteng kahoy  which he/she can boil and bring as baon while watching (non-stop!) the seven MMFF entries (Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love; Ang Darling Kong Aswang; Shake, Rattle & Roll XI; Wapakman; I Love You, Goodbye; Nobody, Nobody But...Juan; and Ang Panday).
There won’t be any “scam,” even if Garci begged off as chairman of the board of judges. Votes are counted manually since an automation is not operational.
Hand me the envelopes, please!
And the awards go to...
Dr. Hayden Kho, Videographer of the Year (trophy is a replica of a miniature videocam with a silencer).
Katrina Halili, The Victim (of Hayden) and Victimizer (of Dr. Vicki Belo) Award (trophy is shaped like the UP Oblation that looks like Hayden with his “honor” dangling).
Maricar Reyes, The Silent One Award for not breathing a word about what happened (tie with Katrina with the two of them fondling the trophy with tender loving care).
Ruffa Gutierrez and John Lloyd Cruz, co-recipients of The “Ingat” Award because they’ve been so very maingat with whatever it is between them (the trophy is in the form of a Biogesic pill which the “special friends” will split and swallow before they deliver their joint thank-you speech).
Rufa Mae Quinto, The Blabbermouth Award because she spilled more beans than she should about her love life and her impending marriage to the man she referred to as the one who gifted her with a house in San Francisco (trophy is shaped like giant lips that talk and talk and talk, battery included).
Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid, Bride and Groom of the Year (hoy, kelan ba talaga ang kasal? Naunahan na tuloy kayo nina Michelle at Mark). Trophy is formed like a wedding cake topped by a pair of cute newly-weds with lips locked in a passionate kiss.  
Robin Padilla, Desirable Bachelor of the Year Award because, two years after he and wife Liezl Sicangco have divorced (Liezl has remarried), he is quietly searching for a simple girl with the same faith and purpose in life as he has. Trophy is made to look like a kangaroo, the national symbol of Australia where Liezl and their children are staying.
Joel Cruz, The Guts and Glory Award because he won hands-down (really!?!) the GMA “talent” search Celebrity Duets (trophy is made to look like Vice Presidentiable Bayani Fernando, the previous year’s Celebrity winner, who will hand it to Joel in a tear-drenched ceremony).
Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, The Brangelina Award because they are like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who have been living together (complete with a child of their own) without “officially” admitting that they are “on.” (The trophy, one side of which looks like Marimar and the other side Dyesebel, will be handed by Rhian Ramos who will plant a kiss on Dingdong and only give Marian a “meaningful” glance.)
Dr. Manny Calayan, “Songer” of the Year Award (listen to his CD and you will know why). Trophy is shaped like a wireless microphone which Calayan will handle with care as he sheds tears.
Krista Ranillo, The Pambansang (fill in the blank) Award. No explanation needed. The Pacman Trophy will be handed to her by Jinkee Pacquiao.

time flies

Wake up, the light coming through the windows and hitting the white walls, they light and reflect so the room looks even more illuminated than it should be, usually light doesn´t pass through my bedroom´s curtains, and the walls aren´t white... and this is not my bed... and this is not my room; last night was so extreme, remember I bent some the rules -no, I didn´t drink at all and anything is out of the question- but had the must fun in a long time. There´s someone sleeping next to me, which of it´s own is a weird happenstance, but it´s not only sleeping by my side, it´s sleeping between my arms, we spent most of the night awake, we talked all night long, but no words were needed at all, all we said was done in actions, with gentle caresses, sublime caresses with soft hands that traveled through our entire bodies, showing to each other the greatest expression of Glory.

Night was so passionate the coldest winter left my clothes sweat damp, those clothes are everywhere around the bed, must try to get dressed before the third person in the room wakes up, he owns this room, he owns the whole house, his heavy dreaming allowed us a night of sensuality, our breathes covered by his loud snoring, which made it even more risky and exciting, had to keep our voices quiet and the emotions loud. This would repeat itself several more occasions, unbeknown to everyone but the two of us, certainly no one could have guessed that what happened in that bed between just two friends.

Been a year since that morning, still remember it like it was yesterday, can tell exactly what I did, remember us playing with our legs in the beginning, remember myself slowly getting closer once you turned around, listening to the  rhythm of your heart, you were so excited... and so was I. when my arms surrounded you it was like we found heaven at the exact same time and we took our bodies with us, clothing was so out of place, who  needs clothes in paradise? We cling to each other the same way you hold to your last breath fearing it will all end the moment you let go. Remember me trembling that night? I remember your kisses and remember your fire.

It all happened one year ago this day, it all happened with the moon as our witness, it all happened between the two of us, and what makes it ever so memorable? You were my first boy.

Dec 25, 2009

merry christmas..

Be Happy all the being, let us embrace the peace that the holy lamb has brought to us. To you who have made my x-mass happy and joyful, lots of love, and to your mom also. God bless you so much. As we all celebrate, let us make sure that those around us also share our joy and love. Be there for needy persons and you will made a difference. Love you very much.

Dec 23, 2009

A letter to Santa!

Dear Santa,

I have recently been informed that you don’t exist! How could someone be so inconsiderate as to tell me that, I don’t yet know. However, you’ll be pleased to know that I didn’t believe them. My so-called “friends” obviously want the contents of your sack (the one containing presents, I mean) all to themselves. How rude of them! As if I’d fall for that! I may be a (gay) “boy” but that doesn’t make me stupid, does it?
Anyway, it’s been a year since I last wrote to you and what a year’s been. Sex, drugs and rock n’roll? Well, not for me! You’ll be glad to know that GBD has been a very VERY good B indeed! OK, I admit, I’ve been on a few dates, kissed the odd guy, I even kissed the odd willy but I swear, I only did it because it was rude not to; I didn’t really mean and thus you’ll be glad to know that my innocence and purity are fairly intact, well, about as much as they were about a year ago. Are you proud of me, Santa?
Did I mention that I got my bottom spanked too? Again, against my will, I assure you. Please let’s keep that one between us, I think Mrs. Claus would be highly disappointed in me if she ever found out. How is the foxy lady, by the way? Mighty fine, I hope ;-)
Anyway, I think I’m digressing. So, I was saying I’ve been a good boy and it’s that time of the year when good boys should get something they deserve. As I said, I’ve always believed in you and your existence and I’m confident you won’t fail to deliver this Xmas.
So, without further ado, here’s a selection of some of the things that would make me happy this Christmas:
Everyone deserves to be treated to a box of good quality toiletries and goodies for Xmas, especially me :-) So if you are thinking about giving me something I will enjoy rubbing in various parts of my anatomy, you couldn’t do any better than the Molton Brown all rounder box. I promise to think of you and your generosity whenever I have a shower, do my hair or have a shave.

What do you get a boy who has everything and is proud of his country? How about a pair of the new aussieBums patriot briefs with ‘wondercup’ technology. Now, at this point, I’d like to clarify that I don’t actually NEED the lift that these briefs offer, I really don’t but Christmas is not about getting what you need, it’s all about what you want. Right?
Imagine me getting ready to go out, I smell great after using all the Molton Brown goodies and my package looks “elated” in my new aussieBums. What else do I need? Well, duh! Every man (gay, straight, bi, undecided, metrosexual, in the closet, transsexual, etc) needs a good pair of shoes. One of my favourite designers is Patrick Cox. One word that sums up Patrick Cox shoes is ‘sexy’. Not only that, they are very comfortable too.
So, to summarise, I smell sexy, I’ve been “wondercupped” and feel sexy, I’ve got a seriously sexy pair of shoes on. What else do I need? Nothing, I think ;-)

thank you santa..-macky

Dec 20, 2009

grab this 'NinoyCory' cell phone

                                              Three models of the 'NinoyCory' Myphone launched by the Solid Group. 

The Aquino family is all praises for the "NinoyCory" phone of the Solid Group, makers of the only Filipino mobile phone brand, Myphone, for keeping the memory of the two icons of demoracy alive.

Pinky Aquino-Abellada, daughter of the late President Cory Aquino and her husband, former senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., said that by featuring the audio recordings of some of her father and mother's speeches and their letters to each other, the "NinoyCory" mobile phone could be a daily source of inspiration for Filipinos, especially the youth, who would buy and use a unit.
"You're definitely keeping the memory of my dad alive and also of my mom,"

Abellada told the Solid Group team, led by president David Lim and vice president Beda Manalac, and Rafael Lopa, executive director of the Ninoy Aquino Foundation, that collaborated with the Myphone team.

The mobile phone comes in Cory yellow, with the signature Ninoy eyeglasses in front and images of Ninoy and Cory at the back. When one clicks the yellow ribbon icon on the phone's menu, a number of items would appear, including prayers, an Aquino biography, Ninoy and Cory trivia, Ninoy and Cory inspirational messages, Ninoy's letters and poems, Cory's personal prayers,

Aquino speeches, the Aquino library, and the Aquino gallery.         
The "NinoyCory" phone was launched with the Aquino family last Thursday at the Cojuangco family home in Dasmariñas Village, Makati City.

Aquino daughters Viel and Ballsy, and their cousins were present at the launch.
Their only brother, presidential candidate Benigno "Noynoy" III, failed to make it due to another engagement.

Aside from having content on Ninoy and Cory, Lopa pointed out that it was a phone for prayer since it also featured several prayers, like the Rosary, Stations of the Cross and several novenas.

The Solid Group, headed by founder and chairman Elena Lim, said it was honored that the Aquino family had cooperated with them for the NinoyCory phone.

"We are honored by the support of the Aquino family. They are a family that represents the best of what the Filipino family stands for," Lim said.
Manalac, Solid Group vice president, said they would come out with more units under their MyHeroes phone series that will honor people who make a difference or who can inspire people.

 Sales of the NinoyCory phone would also raise funds for the projects of the Ninoy Aquino Foundation.

Dec 18, 2009

Most Influential Gay Australians for 2009

Legendary Sydney photographer William Yang presents openly-gay Olympic diver, Matthew Mitcham, in Photographing Matthew Mitcham, a special exhibition of portraits of Olympic gold medalist.

Mitcham has recently been named as one of the 25 Most Influential Gay Australians for 2009.
He’s 21.

Dec 14, 2009

Derek Ramsay: Is he or isn't he?

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo (The Philippine Star)
Let’s get real.
First things first.
No, Derek Ramsay is not your typical rich boy born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. He’s down-to-earth and he doesn’t snort at poor people, even if he was born in England by a British father and a Filipina mother. Derek can live like a prince but no, he’s not the idle-rich type.
“I work for my keep,” he insists. “I have to work my way up to the top. I don’t want to just sit pretty and wait for things to be served to me on a silver platter.”
He joined showbiz against his parents’ wishes.
“So I ran away from home and I lived with a family in Masambong, Quezon City. I would hang around in the street corner in my shirt and boxers and in slippers, and I would talk to all the people there. That’s how I learned how to speak Tagalog. I stayed there for over a year.”
One day, he took pares-pares for dinner and suffered from food poisoning that landed him in the hospital, throwing up blood. His parents sought him out. That’s how they reconciled. They moved him to a better hospital.
His journey to fame — and fortune — started in commercials. He also excelled in sports, and then he moved to the fashion ramp and ended up in showbiz.
“If I have to do something, I always have to think that I’m the best,” he says.
True to his words, Derek surprised even himself by becoming a fine actor, initially in television and finally in movies.
In his latest starrer, Star Cinema’s 2009 Metro Filmfest entry I Love You, Goodbye, directed by Laurice Guillen, he’s paired with real-life girlfriend Angelica Panganiban, with Gabby Concepcion and Kim Chiu as co-stars. He plays a seductive photographer who attracts Angelica away from her doctor-lover (Gabby) whose daughter (Kim) happens to be dating Derek.
“I never thought that Angelica and I would end up as girlfriend-boyfriend,” confesses Derek. “We just started hanging out. My association with her did help me get people’s attention. But I never used her to get jobs or to gain fame. That’s why I think we have a very healthy relationship.”
Incidentally, does he still recognize the poor family who “adopted” him?
“I still see them.”
Meanwhile, let’s get to know Derek better by finding out if “he is” or “he is not.”
• Is he in the right profession?
“First time I’ve been asked that. To tell you the truth...uhhhh, I’ve asked myself that question many times. I’ve never imagined that I’d be doing this. But the response that I’m getting for the work that I’m doing tells me that, yes, I’m in the right business. So I will continue doing this. I know that the fame and the attention will come to an end someday because somebody better than you will come along, striving harder than you are. I’m willing to move on when that time comes. For now, enjoy ako sa ginagawa ko.”
• Is he happy with the way his career is going?
“Yes, I am...very, very happy. I can’t ask for more.”
• Is he onion-skinned?
“No, I’m not. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. I don’t work to please people; I just give people respect. If they don’t like me, that’s fine with me.”
• Is he vulnerable to temptations in showbiz (and how does he deal with them)?
“Temptations concerning women? I just smile at them and walk away. Indecent proposals? They are very easy to handle. Thanks for the offer but thank you. Yes, there have been ‘offers’ but I’m proud to say that I worked hard to be where I am now.”
• Is he secretive?
“I believe that there are some things that I must keep to myself. But I share them anyway with the few people that I completely trust.”
• Is he a one-woman man?
“Yes, I am.”
• Is he faithful?
“Yes, I am.”
• Is he (in his opinion) sexy?
“The only parts of my body that I can consider sexy are my shoulders. I was born with big shoulders.”
Is he independent?
• Is he just lucky?
“Too lucky!”
• Is he vain?
“Hmmmm. Actually, perhaps the only vain thing that I do is I use one brand of facial soap. But I don’t always keep myself dressed up. I like to wear things that are comfortable. I call myself an island boy. So, no, I don’t consider myself very vain.”
• Is he a Mama’s Boy?
“I am best friends with my dad but when I have problems, I run to my mom.”
• Is Derek Ramsay for real — you know, is what we see what we get?
“Yes, I’m for real. Ask people who know me well. I’m very vocal, I speak my mind. If people don’t like me, sorry na lang. I’m still the same guy as I was when I started in showbiz five years ago.”
How would he describe himself in three words?
“Fun, spontaneous, easy-going.”

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Dec 13, 2009

piolo pascual really gay? - macky

I love Piolo!” are words screamed not only by Tony Gonzaga but by every woman and even gay in the country. 

This simple type of man captures everyone’s heart whenever he sings and acts. Rumors of his being gay has died when the public found out that he has a child with a non-showbiz woman who was once his girlfriend. But though Piolo has reached the peak of his popularity and career success, still he can’t get away from issues regarding his being gay.

My friends tell me how gay Piolo is whenever they see him in bars partying at night. Of course, I wouldn’t believe them instantly but since news about his true identity come out on TV, newspapers and magazines, I have a 60-40 partition in considering the issue; 60% in believing that Piolo is a gay.

Perhaps, some people wouldn’t mind if Piolo is a gay or a straight guy. After all, he does his work very well. But for those who aim for the truth from every significant icon in the Philippine movie industry, Piolo’s answer to this issue does matter. And his confirmation has to be sincere.

Piolo was linked to male celebrities like Yule Servo and Sam Milby. Now, some people say that Piolo is into a director who happens to be very close to him. They are thinking that this could be Piolo’s latest boyfriend. In fairness to Piolo Pascual, whether he’s gay or not, he remains very sport to rumors about him and he just keeps silent.

Perhaps, Piolo may not be gay or not but what counts for people is the way he pursues his career and how he deals with his fans.

Dec 12, 2009

i like very much

Please forgive me for posting  press releases
It's that time of year where everyone wants to promote/sell something.

by the way advance merry christmas -macky

Dec 11, 2009

Hermès will open its very first boutique in Manila on dec 20

The first Hermès boutique opens in Manila

On 20 December 2009, Hermès will open its very first boutique in Manila under Luxury Concepts, Inc., a subsidiary of Stores Specialists, Inc., under its president, Anthony T. Huang.

Hermes Makati Photo: Daniel LAMPA

The store, with a retail space of 120 square meters, will be located in the upscale Greenbelt 3 Mall in Makati.
The boutique was designed by Rena Dumas Architecture Intérieure (RDAI), the Parisian interior architecture agency that creates Hermès stores worldwide.

Hermès’ contemporary spirit will emanate from the shapes and composition of a store divided into two main areas: once passing the Hermès Ex-libris threshold, a bright space welcomes the visitors and is followed by a more intimate space dedicated to the ready-to-wear and jewelry.

Hermes_2007_15 Photo: Quentin BERTOUX

The boutique will carry a wide range of products made with impeccable Hermès craftsmanship: bags and luggage, diaries and small leather goods, equestrian pieces, silk, women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, jewelry, watches, belts, gloves, footwear, hats, enamel, Art de Vivre, tableware and fragrances.

Hermes_2007_26 Kelly Cacao

Hermes_AH08_44 Birkin 30

Hermes_AH08_47 Bolide 31

Hermès was founded in 1837. Since its beginning in Paris as a maker of harnesses and saddles, six generations of enterprising artisans have opened up new domains and conquered new markets. Imbued with respect for the past and enthusiasm for the future, they transmitted to their successors the cult of beautiful materials crafted with excellence, the love of beautiful objects made to last and the spirit of innovation.

The company is now led by CEO Patrick Thomas and the Artistic Direction is led by sixth generation family member, Pierre-Alexis Dumas.

Portrait de Patrick Thomas Selection rapport annuel. Fichier CMJN. Patrick Thomas

Portrait de Pierre-Alexis Dumas Fichier CMJN. Pierre-Alexis Dumas

FELIX ROCO: Stars in engkwentro

Actor Felix Roco stars in the award-winning film, ENGKWENTRO—in theaters December 11, 12 & 13 at SM cinemas in Mall of Asia, North Edsa, Megamall, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and Bacoor.

Felix Roco

Inspired by true events, Engkwentro follows the last 24 hours of two teenage brothers on opposite sides of a gang war.
Directed by 22-year-old Pepe Diokno, the film took home two awards at the Venice Film Festival, including the Horizons Prize for new trends in cinema, and the US$100,000 Lion of the Future "Luigi de Laurentiis" Award for best debut film.

Engkwentro poster

Inspired by true events, Engkwentro tells the story of Richard and Raymond, two teenage brothers on opposite sides of a gang war.
Richard is the leader of his gang, "Bagong Buwan" while Raymond is just being inducted into 'Batang Dilim', a rival gang led by a charming solvent boy, Tomas. Complications arise at a deadly midnight 'engkwentro', when Tomas gives Raymond the task of killing his older brother.

Felix Rocco, son of cinema legend Bembol Roco, takes the lead role of Richard, a gangster running away from the murderous City Death Squad.
Because Engkwentro was shot a la one continuous take, Felix styled his performance like a stageplay—memorizing all his lines and deeply internalizing his character. With no room for mistakes, Felix delved into the role—doing his own stunts and narrowly avoiding injuries on set.

Felix Roco

To prepare for his performance, Felix drew from his past experiences. A former fraternity member, Felix overcame his “wild” younger days and transformed himself into a professional, serious actor.

Dec 5, 2009

Trés Bon : Youské

I’m at a loss for words to describe this hot Japanese model based in Paris…

Cheng Qian : Dud or Stud?

Nothing is much said about this guy, I couldn’t even find his stats…but I kinda felt it’s right to post Chinese guys. _macky88

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