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Nov 27, 2009

Zac Efron reveals the secret to his hair: it’s literally bedhead

Zac Efron gave an interview to Parade magazine and talked about his fans, what he does for fun, his silliest moment and his secret hairstyle.
There’s no escape.
“We went to the Isle of Man, which is a fairly secluded place to do some filming. The idea of going to a fairly secluded place where I could kind of just leave all of the attention behind was really appealing. Richard Linklater was like, ‘You’re going to love it. There are no paparazzi.’ So we were in this old theater filming a scene and suddenly we heard clapping and cheering. It turned out there was a bunch of kids who were High School Musical fans and they had found me. So I went outside and signed some autographs. I really found their enthusiasm endearing.”

What he does for fun.
“I like very normal things, like hiking and camping. When it comes to sports I go skiing, surf boarding, snowboarding, and skateboarding. But, I guess at this point a perfect day for me is probably just relaxing and hanging out with friends. It’s not always easy to be left alone, but I try not to think about it. You can’t let fear control you.”

His silliest moment.
“I found the hand of a mannequin in homeroom class in high school. So I attached it to the sleeve of my shirt and then I had my real hand hidden inside. I would walk up to people and take my real hand out, and it looked like an alien was jumping out of my chest. They thought I had a third hand. I really scared some people.”

The secret to the Zac Efron hairstyle.
“I have to say it’s pretty low maintenance, so it’s appealing for lazy individuals like me. You don’t have to do anything really, it just goes that way. You don’t even have to put gel in it or anything. OK, there is one thing. If you wash it at night and leave it damp, just towel dry it, you wake up in the morning and you’re all set.”

He’s 22.

aking munting hiling sayo "best"

Nov 26, 2009

benjamin godfre sighting


"gwapo at sexy parin... omg "
OMFG! I would love to be the fluffer for that line-up of guys. Their d*cks wouldn’t be able to fit in those undies after I got through with them. lol -mcky88
Timoteo model Benjamin Godfre struts his stuff at the recent Benefit Runway show for  Bienestar, a non-profit group whose goal is to help people living with HIV/AIDS in Southern California. Photographers Donnie Madden and Tom Cullis captured some of the fun and striptease back stage.

dec 1 2009: world aids day

World Aids Day Offers Many Commemorative Events
By Dennis McMillan
Published: November 26, 2009

World AIDS Day is an opportunity to bring people together to get talking about HIV. By attending an event, you can help spread the word and break the silence on HIV. It is held every Dec. 1 internationally. Since 1995, the President of the United States has made an official proclamation on World AIDS Day. Governments of other nations have followed suit and issued similar announcements. World AIDS Day was first conceived in August 1987 by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter, two public information officers for the Global Program on AIDS at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Bunn and Netter took their idea to Dr. Jonathan Mann, director of the Global Program on AIDS (now known as UNAIDS). Dr. Mann liked the concept, approved it, and agreed with the recommendation that the first observance of World AIDS Day should be the first of December, 1988.
The World AIDS Day theme this year is “Universal Access and Human Rights.” Global leaders have pledged to work towards universal access to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care, and recognizing these as fundamental human rights. Valuable progress has been made in increasing access to HIV/AIDS services; however more commitment is needed worldwide in order to slow down this pandemic. The United Nations estimates there are now over 33.2 million adults and 2.5 million children living with HIV/AIDS today. During 2007, over 2.5 million newly infected cases were reported.
Here in the United States the Centers for Disease Control estimates that by the end of 2006 there were over 1.1 million persons living with HIV/AIDS. The annual “HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report” also estimates some 42,655 new cases of HIV/AIDS were diagnosed in 2007.
The following are suggestions for San Francisco WAD events.
The National AIDS Memorial Grove offers its Sixteenth Annual Observance at the National AIDS Memorial, Golden Gate Park, “Renewing Our Commitment.” The Grove is located at the intersection of Bowling Green and Middle Drive East. The event is 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. with program at noon. There will be presentations of National Leadership Recognition Award to Stephen F. Morin, PhD Director, Center for AIDS Policy Research, AIDS Policy Research Center, UCSF; and Local Unsung Hero Award to Bishop Yvette Flunder, Executive Director, Ark of Refuge, Inc.
Entertainment will be provided by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and VOICES Lesbian Choral Ensemble. Bringing friends is encouraged. The observance and light lunch that follows are free and open to the public. The tent will be heated, but please dress appropriately for the weather.
Join Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center for World AIDS Day, 12-2 p.m.,730 Polk Street, 4th Floor. There will be a panel discussion on “Right to Access: Emerging Challenges for Emerging Populations.” Lunch will be provided, as will free, confidential and anonymous Rapid HIV and Hep B testing at the Wellness Center, and free HIV testing at Bay Area Out of the Closet thrift stores. More info is at
“AIDS around the World: A World AIDS Day Special” is at Commonwealth Club of California, 5:30 p.m. networking reception, 6 p.m. program in Gold Room, with Jose M. Zuniga, President/CEO, International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC). Educate yourself and help advance the global commitment in the battle against AIDS. Come learn the latest developments and advancements in AIDS care from around the world as Zuniga discusses the work of IAPAC in Africa, South America, North America, and Europe. Find out why this fight involves you and your human rights.
“More Than Words: Poetry, Prose, and Plays Fight AIDS” is in Eureka Valley Recreation Center auditorium on Collingwood Street at 18th from 7:30 to 9 p.m.
GuyWriters is the only gay men’s writing group in San Francisco. This night will feature members of GuyWriters reading original works on the topic of HIV/AIDS. Best-selling author Kemble Scott will be the night’s special guest. Donations will be collected at the door with all proceeds going to STOP AIDS Project.
“Life Before the Lifeboat: San Francisco’s Courageous Response to the AIDS Outbreak” is a documentary featuring leading AIDS expert Dr. Paul Volberding, which will be screened for free at San Francisco General Hospital’s (SFGH) Carr Auditorium. The film, beginning at 2 p.m. will continue each hour on the hour with the final showing at 5 p.m, features intimate conversations between Volberding and some of San Francisco’s courageous leaders from the earliest days of the AIDS epidemic. It highlights how political and gay activists, along with SFGH, came together to navigate the early years of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco. SFGH served as the nexus for AIDS treatment in the beginning where Volberding and others developed what became known as the “San Francisco model” for AIDS treatment.   
Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ “Cocktails for a Cure” party is at the Harbor Court Hotel, 165 Steuart Street, 6 to 8 p.m. The party benefits Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation (REAF), a nonprofit organization established to raise funds for AIDS service provider agencies through the production of quality entertainment events. Born from the grassroots efforts of two mothers, Barbara Richmond and the late Peggy Ermet, who lost their only sons to AIDS as a way to honor their sons’ memories and to help alleviate the suffering of many of the other sons and daughters living with HIV and AIDS, the Foundation has become one of the leading sources of funding for many local AIDS service providers. A $5 donation at the door includes one drink ticket. Come show your support, raise funds for a good cause and celebrate the season.
If you want to travel across the bridge, a portion of the world-famous Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display at the Town Center Mall, in Corte Madera, 100 Corte Madera Town Center, Space 303. Marin County has a unique opportunity to witness this powerful visual reminder of the AIDS pandemic, beginning at 2 until 7 p.m. The event will include a talk at 5:30 p.m. from Brother Karekin, a member of Recycled AIDS Medicine Program (RAMP). He will provide a multimedia presentation about the clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe and the impact that funneling unused aids medicines to Africa can have on a local population. The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt is made up of more than 46,000 panels with each individual 3-by-6-foot panel sewn by friends, lovers, and family members to commemorate the life of someone who has died of AIDS. The Quilt weighs over 54 tons and is the largest ongoing community arts project in the world. Millions of people worldwide have visited the Quilt at thousands of displays.

Nov 23, 2009

project: "im not immoral"

 (The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Wednesday rejected Ang Ladlad for party-list accreditation on the grounds that the party advocates "sexual immorality" and "immoral doctrines."
Ang Ladlad is an organization of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT).)

Jethro Cuenca Patalinghug

Every bit of the person that I am tells me that it is UNACCEPTABLE.
Ang Ladlad Party to be rejected to become a duly registered sectoral party by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) because of allegations of "IMMORALITY" is an abomination to humanity, an abomination to the LGBTI community... and I take it VERY personally!

"The statement has gone beyond the sectoral party rejection arena. It has a potential to echo into the consciousness of the already confused and fragmented society about the value and relevance of the
LGBTI community. Therefore it has a potential to go against all our efforts to become more accepted and recognized as a legitimate and respectable sector of society."


We must join all our efforts to not only control the damage that has been made, but also aggressively attack the opponent head on! Our individual expressions and reactions such as the status messages and notes here on
facebook are commendable, but if we do it together in one solid form might be a stronger backlash.



On the night of DEC 5, the night of the PRIDE March, let us all gather and express our reactions towards the issue. Let us make our voices louder as we each say "I AM NOT IMMORAL!" through individual head shot photos to be taken by renowned photographer Niccolo Cosme and individual video clips to be directed by Jethro
Patalinghug. Together these photos and video clips, when combined into a resource website and a youtube channel, will not only become a living testament to our protest but also become a readily available media for people in the worldwide web to watch. The possibilities are endless, not only our fellow Filipinos will see it but also people around the world. Let us show them that our humble community here in the Philippines can and will assert their rights.

Join us on the night of DEC 5 at Maria Orosa St. in Malate.

Look for the rainbow colored walls and have your photos and videos taken. Come as yourself, or if you are feeling it, come as fabulous as you can, be in drag if you may, do something different to catch every attention that you can for the cause.

Please link to Facebook Group
(click to link)


Media Causes
(click to link)

Nov 19, 2009

sexiest man alive by "people"

Johnny Depp has been awarded the title by the US magazine People for the second time, after first being given the accolade in 2003. He is the third man to gain the honour twice, matching George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

A spokesperson for the publication said: “At 46, the father of two still reigns as Hollywood’s most irresistible iconoclast; as one-of-a-kind as his beloved 15-year-old boots and as smouldering as his favourite Cuban cigars.

“He has had women swooning since his days as a teen detective on ‘21 Jump Street’.”

Also included on the list are Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, Gilles Marini, Nick Cannon and Chris Daughtry and Robert Downey Jr.

Upon hearing of his inclusion, Chris composed a song which included the lyrics: “Sexiest man alive? / Am I at least Top 5? / I know being bald /won’t get me the cover / I just hope it’s not page twentysomething or other.”

False reports had circulated earlier this week that ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson had been awarded the title.

Hugh Jackman will also be pleased, as earlier this month he told how he was looking forward to passing on the Sexiest Man Alive title he was awarded last year so he could stop taking care of himself.

He said: “The pressure’s off. I can be a slob again. I thought there were thousands of other guys that deserved it, but it’s been a great year.”

Previous stars named Sexiest Man Alive by People include Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey and Jude Law.

Nov 18, 2009

this guy is definitely gay

ciao, konnichiwa, salam, kamusta, bonjour.. there! How are you? Anyway I've got a gorgeous Asian guy for today (pinoy)... Non nude though.. He's really cute.... and this guy is definitely gay.. I saw some other pics of him before and he looks sooooo baklang bakla, hehehe. -mcky88 

Nov 16, 2009

Rocky Salumbides and sam pinto are the newest additions to the PBB house :: Pinoy Big Brother Double Up

As promised, Kuya opened his doors once again to welcome new housemates, Sam and Rocky. With their statuesque figures and good looks, it’s no wonder that they are no strangers to the limelight. Both have modeling careers and are able to strut their stuff on the catwalk, but reality TV is a whole new field. Rocky Salumbides has graced the international fashion scene, but let this not fool you into thinking he’s all up in the air about this. His humble beginnings include growing up in the football team’s barracks and surviving on junk food only. His mom raised their small family alone, working as a member of Villamor Airbase’s football team. Rocky moved to Lanao del Norte with his maternal grandmother, and went back to Manila after some time. His luxurious job came later in life, after he had tried his hand on several blue-collar jobs such as selling balut and hauling heavy loads in construction, which he did to help augment their family income. Even after reveling in the limelight of fame and fortune, he was able to turn his back on it in favor of pursuing the love of his life, his “Pag-ibig”.
On the other hand, Sam was lucky enough to be born in a more financially stable environment. She shares the intricacies of a single-parent household, though, and is quite candid about it. Her mom is her closest friend and she has come to terms with her father’s new life. Sam, too, is a friend of the limelight. She has been modeling since she was 10 and has several TV commercials under her belt. Sam does not let this get to her head, though, and would rather be known as a simple girl who can make it big, in her own way. She is a student of fashion design and she churns up creative concepts on the go. Her unique ideas come to life, as she herself is able to sew her creations. Though timid at first, Sam’s determination will surely allow her to lead and inspire.
As Kuya welcomed the two new housemates, he also gave them their first task. They would be billeted in House B, the house that lost quite a number of companions and has yet to reclaim their own clothing. The missing clothes were piled in a box, and these were to be the newbies’ gift to their new housemates. They were given limited time to wear as much clothes as possible, and only those that were on them could be brought into the house. At first, they attempted to figure out the best way to go about it. It wasn’t long before they realized there was simply no time to think strategically, and the two just wore whatever they could get their hands on. At the end of three minutes, the two were made to enter their new home. As they entered looking like a pile of laundry, Rocky called out, “Hello, tao po kami!” The housemates then rushed to them and welcomed them enthusiastically, literally looking up at the tall newbies. The twist to their task was that only the owner of the clothing could take it off them, so Sam and Rocky had to stand being groped and clutched at by the eager housemates.
Will they be able to blend well with such a closely-knit group? What weekly task will welcome them? It’s day 1 once again with Sam and Rocky, so keep watching and stay updated. New faces, new stories, new twists and surprises coming your way!

Nov 15, 2009

i love it.

i got some pics of this hot model...
i quite like this guy, hot body and nice face. (chinito) japinoy.

hope you like him -mcky88

cosmo online hunk : xian lim


Cosmo Online Hunk Xian Lim As So Yi Jung

We’re still on a Boys Over Flowers high! See our online hottie turn into the Korean TV series’ romancing Romeo.
Posted on November 11, 2009 12:00 pm by Cheekie Albay, Staff Writer
Photo: Mitch Mauricio
Casanova, they call him. Boys Over Flowers' So Yi Jung is certainly a hit with the ladies. The handsome F4 member, played by Korean star Kim Bum, is a smooth talker who can charm his way into any girl’s heart. Yi Jung’s resume looks pretty good, too—coming from a family of artists, he is both an excellent potter and a talented saxophone player.

Just like the BOF playboy, November Online Hunk Xian Lim has a gift for playing music. He tinkers with a number of musical instruments, the saxophone included. And he certainly charms the ladies without even trying, if your comments on our features on him are any indication. But on the question of being a Casanova? The Katorse star begs to disagree! Read on to find out how these two hotties differ!

Would you consider yourself a gentleman?

Yeah, definitely. I’m a gentleman. I’m not a rude guy.

Would you consider yourself romantic?

Yes, because hindi ko basta iiwan, let’s say I’m with someone. Not just that girl I like. Just with anyone. Hindi naman lalaki (laughs). Just with any girl. I would care for them, not just kasi gusto ko sila, but because I have respect for them.

Have you ever dated more than one girl at a time?

No. Hindi ako player.

If you had a friend who was dating more than one girl at a time, what would you do?

If he’s doing it to my girl friends, then maybe I’d be more concerned. I would tell the girl that you’re messing with a playboy. Pero if I don’t know the girl, then I’d just let him do his thing since he’s my friend (laughs). And hindi naman ako makikialam sa kanya. I’ll let him do his thing.

Describe your ligaw style.

More the old-fashioned type na pupunta sa bahay, magpapaalam sa parents, magdadala ng flowers and chocolates. I think that’s the way to go.

Do you think ligaw is still important before two people can become a couple?

I think ‘pag walang ligaw stage, hindi authentic ‘yung relationship n’yo. Kasi in order to be in a relationship, you need to share something.

Do you believe in soulmates?

Yeah. I think there is that one person for you that you’re gonna meet.

Do you think you’ve met your soulmate?

Wala pa talaga.

Why not?

I just know that there’s that perfect person for you, hindi lang ‘yung basta-basta. I think you’ll just feel it.

What qualities do you look for in a girl that could make you say she’s The One?

I like conservative girls. Ayoko ‘yung gimikera girls. It’s not my thing. I don’t like girls who wear really slutty outfits. I don’t think you have to show so much skin. Dapat just dress normal and just be yourself. And I hate girls who wear a lot of makeup. Just conservative and simple.

Complete the sentence: My most attractive quality is: __________________.

My smile? (Laughs) Joke lang! My eyes.

Shot on location at Club Circa, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. Special thanks to Sugar Francisco and Roxy Modesto.
Blazer and bowtie from Topman. Button-down shirt from The Ramp. Pants from Bench.

Shot on location at Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. Special thanks to Tinay Magtira.
Button-down shirt from The Ramp. Suspenders from Topman. Cardigan and pants from Bench. Cap, stylist's own.

Hair and makeup by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Happy Lopez

Pacquiao wins 7th world title

Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao shocked Puerto Rican and WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto with a 12th-round stoppage in their bout Saturday (Sunday in Manila) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pacquiao defeated Cotto after referee Kenny Bayles stopped the already lopsided contest via technical knockout in Round 12. After the win, Pacquiao bowed in prayer at his corner before being embraced by Cotto whose left eyelid was still oozing blood from a cut.

It was Pacquiao’s 11th straight win in 55 matches. It also gave him his seventh world boxing title in seven weight divisions, a feat no other boxer has achieved in the history of the sport.
In his post-fight interview, Pacquiao said Cotto was one of the most challenging fighters he had ever faced in the ring.
“He was a very tough opponent and he took a lot of tough shots,” he told TV host Mario Lopez.

Asked if he was ever hurt during the fight, Pacquiao said: “In some rounds, he hurt me but I handled the fight and I handled his punches.”
Pacquiao’s right ear was swollen after the fight, which came courtesy of his Puerto Rican challenger.

2 knockdowns

The General Santos native floored Cotto twice – in the third and fourth rounds -- during the “Firepower” bout. After coming in cold during the first round, Pacquiao delivered a lighting-fast left to the Puerto Rican in Round 3, sending Cotto to the canvass.

Shaking off the knockdown, Cotto continued to serve up jabs and uppercuts against the Pacman before kissing the canvass yet again before the end of the fourth.

After that, it was a different fight altogether knockdown as Pacquiao and Cotto seemed to change sides. Pacquiao, the People’s Champ and challenger from the Philippines, now played the role of aggressor while the welterweight champ tried ducking blows and keeping his right hand up to deflect some of Pacquiao’s more powerful shots.

By Round 7, Cotto’s face began to puff up from the continuous punishment being meted out by the Pacman. Gone was the calm demeanor he displayed before the fight, replaced instead by a look of pain.
More punishment in the succeeding rounds ensued as a cut opened up just above Cotto’s left eyelid in Round 10.

By the last two rounds, Pacquiao’s patience seemed to wear thin several times as Cotto seemed content to duck away from his opponent.
During several exchanges, the Puerto Rican seemed unable to answer some of Pacquiao’s flurry of shots to the head and body.

When referee Bayless finally called a stop to the fight 55 seconds into Round 12, everyone in MGM Grand Garden Arena knew who had won the fight.
During the post-fight interview, Pacquiao refused to say who he wanted to fight next in the ring. “It doesn’t matter who is next. Tonight, we will celebrate the victory,” he said.
At least one fan, however, seemed to have made up her mind for the People’s Champ. At the end of the fight, she held up a sign that read: “Floyd Mayweather Jr., you’re next!”

Nov 14, 2009

prayer for my health situation

Lord Jesus, I thank You for bestowing on me the gift of life. You know everything that has affected me physically, emotionally, spiritually and all my inmost experiences of mind and heart that have formed me into the person that I am now. Forgive me, Lord, for any times that I have failed You, myself or others. I forgive anyone who has failed or hurt me. Help me now to see that my illness has an important part to play in bringing me to the fullness of the person You have destined me to be. Don't let me lose or miss anything that You want to do through it to complete my life on earth, and make me ready for eternal life with You in heaven. I renounce any rebellion or fear. Though I do not quite understand Your way of directing me right now, I wish to let go of any possessiveness over my life. I surrender all the details of my present situation into Your loving care. Since I cannot now pray as well as I would wish, I ask You to accept instead each breath I draw as an act of love and trust in You. You are my Saviour, and I lean upon Your loving Heart with the peace of a little child in its father's arms. I know You will not forsake me. I love You, dearest Lord! Amen. - macky


Bumoto at Pahalagahan ang Ating Dangal / Vote for Pride
ni/by Bruce Portugal Amoroto

Nitong Miyerkoles, Nobyembre 11, 2009, ibinaba ng Commission on Elections ang desisyon nito kaugnay ng petisyon ng Ang Ladlad LGBT Party na lumahok sa 2010 National Elections. Sa walong pahinang hatol ng Comelec, sinabi na "this petition is dismissible on moral grounds" (ang petition ay hindi nararapat na pahintulutan dahil sa ilang usaping pang-moral).

Ipinaliwanag pa ng hatol ng Comelec na "petitioner tolerates immorality which offends religious beliefs" (pinaparayaan/pinapayagan ng petitioner ang imoralidad na nakasisira sa mga relihiyong paniniwala) kasabay ang pagbanggit sa ilang talata mula sa Bibliya at sa Koran. Binanggit din sa nasabing hatol na "we cannot compromise the well-being of the greater number of our people, especially the youth" (hindi natin maaring ilagay sa alanganin ang kapakanan ng maraming tao, lalu na ng mga kabataan).

Sa ganitong punto marami sa atin, lalu na mula sa komunidad ng mga lesbian, gay, bakla, bantut, bayot, bisexual, tomboy, transgender, transsexual, intersex (LGBTI) at iba pang sexual and gender minorities (SGM), ang galit na galit dahil sa naging desisyon at sa laman ng hatol ng Comelec. Marami sa atin ang nag-iisip na i-boycott ang darating na halalan.

Gayunpaman, bagama't hindi naging makatao at makatarungan ang naging hatol na ito ng Comelec, dapat pa rin tayong bumotong lahat sa Mayo upang patunayan sa Comelec at sa sambayanang Pilipino na kahit na tayo ay LGBTI o SGM, meron tayong malasakit at magagawa para mabago ang sistema ng pamamahala sa Pilipinas.

Ang Philippine Forum on Sports, Culture, Sexuality and Human Rights (TEAM PILIPINAS) ay naniniwala na dapat nating ipagtanggol ang ating mga karapatan at kalayaan at pahalagahan ang ating mga sariling dangal. Ang kampanya ng TEAM PILIPINAS na "VOTE FOR P.R.I.D.E. (Pinoys who Respect Rights, Identity, Diversity & Equality) ay naglalayong ibalik ang pagpapahalaga sa sariling dangal nating mga Pilipino at nating mga LGBTI at SGM.

Itinuro ng mga mananakop at ng mga banyaga sa ating mga Pilipino na huwag magpahalaga sa ating mga sarili, sa ang ating kultura at sa ating pagkakakilanlan. Itinuro naman sa atin ng relihiyon na huwag pag-usapan o pahalagahan ang ating kasarian at sekswalidad at ituring na imoral ang anumang sekswalidad na labas sa sakramento ng kasal sa pagitan ng isang lalake at isang babae. Itinuro sa atin na may pakialam ang Simbahan sa mga usapin kaugnay ng kasarian at sekswalidad at ang mga ito ay nakaugnay sa kung ano ang moral at di-moral.

Pero ngayon, hinihingi ng panahon na lumaya tayo mula sa kaapihan ng mga baluktot na kaisipan hinggil sa kung ano ang moral at di-moral at busisiin kung ano ang sekswalidad, ang kasasian at ang kaugnayan ng mga ito sa pantay na karapatang pantao. Hinihingi rin ng panahon na ibalik nating mga Pilipino at nating mga LGBTI ang pagpapahalaga natin sa ating mga sariling dangal. Ang "pride" ay hindi pagmamayabang, ito ay simpleng pagpapahalaga sa sarili nating dangal.

Ang dangal na ito ay likas sa lahat ng tao at ang pagtatanggol dito ay tinitiyak ng Saligan Batas na hinalaw mula sa Pandaigdig na Pahayag ukol sa Karapatan ng Tao (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) na nagsasabing "All human beings born free and equal in dignity and rights" (Ang lahat ng tao'y isinilang na malaya at pantay-pantay sa karangalan at mga karapata) at "All human rights are universal, interdependent, indivisible and interrelated" (Lahat ng mga karapatan ng tao ay unibersal, nagpapatibay sa isa't isa, hindi mahahati at magkakaugnay).

Hindi makatarungan na gamitin ng Comelec ang Bibliya at ang Koran bilang batayan para kanilang hatol sapagkat higit sa lahat nakasaad sa ating Saligang Batas, sa Article II Section 6, ang pagkakahiwalay ng Simbahan at ng Estado. "The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable."

Sa darating na Mayo, IBOTO AT PAHALAGAHAN NATIN ANG ATING MGA SARILING DANGAL! VOTE FOR PRIDE! Ipakita natin sa Comelec at sa sambayanan na naniniwala at ipinagtatanggol natin ang pagkakapantay-pantay ng lahat sa dangal, karapatan at kalayaan.

Bigotry in our ballots
In a decision dated November 11, 2009, the 2nd Division of the Commission on Elections denied the application for accreditation of Ang Ladlad Party-list, a party-list of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders, on moral grounds.
The decision was obviously penned by apes.
Signed by Commissioners Nicodemo Ferrer, Lucenito Tagle, and Elias Yusoph, the resolution quoted the Bible and the Koran to claim that Ang Ladlad tolerates immorality, and therefore should not be accredited. They said practicing homosexuals are a threat to the youth.
What these statements imply is that these commissioners have been denied something fundamental when they were still kids: love. I am sure that they were never hugged.
They find it perfectly acceptable to issue a resolution – a legal document – that sounds like a pastoral letter from CBCP or a manifesto from a fundamentalist group. They were quick to cite biblical verses or lines from the Koran, but forgot a basic tenet in our Constitution: that we are all equal, regardless of who we are.
They forgot that as commissioners, they are men of law, not men of faith. That the Commission on Elections is an institution of democracy, not a temple. That, as pointed out by an activist, they swore by the Bible to uphold the constitution, not the other way around. The issue is simple: use the law to determine whether a group should be accredited or not. There are no other standards – just the law.
How can we trust the COMELEC to modernize the electoral system when the commissioners still live in the Victorian era? Be wary, because those that that been mandated to automate the elections still believe that the Earth is the center of the universe. It is said that they weed out from the voters’ list women who are as outspoken as Etta Rosales, and they use tawas to make counting machines fool-proof and fraud-free.
But wariness is not enough. This bigotry is unacceptable. So I, Jonas Bagas, gay since birth, a practicing homosexual (occasionally during weekdays, but mostly during weekends), join my  fellow lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders condemning this farce. We won’t take this sitting down. I am a proud member of another LGBT-friendly party-list, AKBAYAN, and I will join Ang Ladlad in this struggle against bigotry in our ballots.
If you want to be part of this fight, then join us this Saturday, November 14, 2009, at 9 AM at the University Hotel of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, QC. We will fight back, and we will recruit more.

Nov 12, 2009

new moon on 11.20.09


New Moon is a fantasy-romance novel by author Stephenie Meyer, and is the second book in the Twilight series. According to Meyer, the book is about losing true love.The title refers to the darkest phase of the lunar cycle, indicating that New Moon is about the darkest time of the protagonist Bella's life. The book was originally released in hardcover in 2006, following the successful publishing of Meyer's debut novel Twilight. An upcoming film adaptation is tentatively set for release on November 20, 2009.
Upon its publication in the United States, New Moon moved quickly to the top of bestseller lists, becoming one of the most anticipated books of the year. It peaked at #1 on both the New York Times Best Seller list and USA Today's Top 150 Bestsellers,and was the biggest selling children's paperback of 2008 with over 5.3 million copies sold.

New Moon has been translated into many diverse languages, including Czech, Thai, Russian, and Arabic.

On Isabella "Bella" Swan's 18th birthday, Edward Cullen, the vampire she loves, and his family throw her a birthday party. While unwrapping a gift, she gets a paper cut, which causes Edward's adopted brother, Jasper, to be overwhelmed by her blood's scent and attempt to kill Bella. To protect her, Edward decides to end their relationship, and the Cullens move away from Forks. This leaves Bella heart-broken and depressed.

In the months that follow, Bella learns that thrill-seeking activities, such as motorcycle riding, allow her to "hear" Edward's voice in her head. She also seeks comfort in her deepening friendship with Jacob Black, a cheerful companion who eases her pain over losing Edward. Bella later discovers that Jacob is a werewolf. He and his fellow werewolves protect Bella from the vampires Laurent and Victoria, the latter of whom seeks revenge for her dead mate, James, whom the Cullens killed in Twilight.
Meanwhile, a series of miscommunications leads Edward to believe that Bella has killed herself. Distraught over her supposed suicide, Edward flees to Italy to provoke the Volturi, vampire royalty who are capable of killing him. Alice and Bella rush to Italy to save Edward, arriving just in time to stop him. Before leaving Italy, the Volturi tell Edward that Bella, a human who knows that vampires exist, must either be killed or transformed into a vampire. When they return to Forks, Edward tells Bella that he has always loved her and only left Forks to protect her. She forgives him, and the Cullens vote in favor of Bella being transformed into a vampire, to Edward's dismay. However, Edward gives Bella a choice: either she lets Carlisle change her after her graduation, or, if Bella agrees to marry him, he will change her himself.

A film adaptation of New Moon is scheduled for release on November 20, 2009.It is the sequel to 2008's Twilight, which is based on the previous novel written by Meyer. The film will star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, reprising their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black, respectively.Summit Entertainment greenlit the sequel in late November 2008, which is being directed by Chris Weitz with Melissa Rosenberg returning as the screenwriter.The majority of the film is being shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.


friday the 13th at rockwell

Power Plant Mall, in cooperation with Ice Cream Bar, Magnavision, Power Plant Cinema and the Rockwell Club invite you to Fright Night this Friday the 13th.
Enjoy the spine-tingling nostalgia of cult classic horror as we bring you exclusive screenings of Friday the 13th and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho while chilling your palate with unlimited ice cream by Ice Cream Bar.

Tickets are at Php 300.

For inquiries, call 898-1702 loc 101 or 245.

Nov 11, 2009

how to come OUT

For anyone who is wanting to come out, or is in the process of coming out, I hope this helps. Music: Petite Melodie by Sophie Cappere



"The narcissist sees in his mirror'd reflection what the looking-glass sees in Thee: I see you, do you see me?"

Nov 10, 2009

support bongbong on 2010

After thorough study and investigation, this blog finally selected a candidate that is believed deserving to be one of the next senator of the country having his proven track record, significant programs and notable achievements in the province of of ilocos norte, no other than GOVERNOR BONGBONG MARCOS.


marco imperial

Hi there! How are you? I just got this new photo set from my facebook. These are just amateur shots but this guy looks so familiar. He looks like a model I saw before but I still couldn't find the pics. I'm sure I've seen him on a magazine before (not an adult magazine) and of course he looks much better than this.

Anyway let me know if you guys know who he is


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