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Aug 26, 2009

celebrity duet hunk akihiro sato

metrosexual society support akihiro sato on celebrity duets

event at ROCKWELL Makati

be scene these week at rockwell makati

Aug 22, 2009

lady gaga style scandal


"Lady Gaga is just a poor imitation of ROISIN MURPHY"
Yeah, Lady Gaga is ugly, but in my opinion, Roisin Murphy is just gorgeous. So, the difference is one can pull off the crazy looks and still be beautiful but the other one looks like a total idiot. Lady Gaga pretends to be original, but we have all seen her looks before. - MCKY

"Lady Gaga" (stupid name, btw!!)



Aug 21, 2009

petition online! bring back the GAY ad


An ad for a skin whitening product about a gay man was asked to be taken down by a church group. The ad features gay DJ Mojo Jojo and declares how proud he is for his gay lifestyle.

A group has filed an online petition asking those who respect gay rights and do not think that the ad is immoral to sign their names on the petition so that the billboard could be restored to its rightful place.

The petition says:

The advocacies of gay and lesbian communities in the Philippines have always been about freedom from any form bigotry and discrimination. The fight has been taken to several arenas – media, legal, political, medical, and even religious.

Last week, a billboard that featured Mojo Jojo endorsing the GlutaMAX product lines, became a cause of celebration not only among the gay communities but to all those who value freedom and equality in this country. The tag line, “I Wake Up Whiter and Gay Each Day” is a proud declaration of DJ Mojo Jojo, the first openly gay DJ in the airwaves, not only about his skincare but about his lifestyle choices as well.

Last night, August 18, 2009, the billboard was taken down. We heard rumors that the site owner gave in to the pressure from influential church groups who said that the billboard promotes a sinful life and is against the cultural and moral sensibilities of the general public.

We beg to disagree. We take offense in the insinuation that a simple declaration of one’s chosen skincare and lifestyle destroys the moral fabric of our society. We strongly demand that the billboard be re-installed, if bigger and in a better location ASAP.

please sign the petition to bring back the ad

(original posted by Lex Bonife of lexuality and Brian Shane Gorrell blog.)


Aug 20, 2009

gay is living with AIDS


Gay is only sometimes, but not always:
-Living with AIDS.
-Living a promiscuous life.
-Acting very much like the opposite gender (very masculine women and very feminine men.)(When people think of these stereotypes, they're usually thinking about transsexual people or transgender people instead. Most of these people are straight and just happen to identify as the opposite gender.)
-All about sex.

Being gay is not an illness or a perversion; it's a totally normal variation of human sexuality and it's been around for countless ages, not to mention existing in many different species of animals. In fact, heterosexuals could learn some things from gays, bisexuals, transgender people, pansexuals, asexuals, and other queer people... if they would only put their prejudice aside and look at them as people.

Gay men don't take any women from the straight men looking for a lady and vice versa with lesbians and straight women... and lesbians (and sometimes gay men) provide something exciting for the straight men and women to watch... same-sex kisses.

Gays are perfectly normal people. Their only "difference" is that they (romantically) love somebody of their own sex. Aside from the cruel prejudice that they face because of who they love, they usually are able to live wonderfully full, happy lives.

Often, gays have reclamed old derogatory terms for them as terms of affection: fag and queen for the men, dyke for the women, queer for anyone from the non-heterosexual community, etc... although they can still be used as insults by the bigoted.

Gays sometimes do imitate heterosexual gender roles (butch and femme) in their marriages (in every other way if not legal), but most do not; plenty of femmes pair up with other femmes, butches with other butches, androgyny and so forth. It's often remarkable how much their unions resemble heterosexual unions.

A man can be highly flamboyant and act and dress quite feminine, but sleeping with men is the last thing on this mind. Likewise, a man can be incredibly butch and swaggering, and yet he likes to sleep with men; being gay has to do with who you are attracted to sexually, not how masculine or how feminine you are.

Gay is not all about sex. Most gays are happy doing other things than sex. And most gays loathe the idea of molesting a child, contrary to the beliefs of ignorant people. (Almost all pedophiles are heterosexual)

And with marriage ending in so many divorces, then those in favor of marriage should be happy that there are people who want to get married and are willing to fight for that right. Gays have had to fight so much for the basic rights that straights take for granted.

Aug 18, 2009

Freedom to love

Hello guys,

Just for a change, here is something positive to report about gay rights.



According to my Singaporean friends, this kind of statement as well as the whole event was a real revolution and never happened before like this. The attendant crowd was very moved emotionally and you could see that many people for the first time were encouraged to come out in public as gay or lesbian.

(source : )

Aug 17, 2009

Metrosexual VS Ubersexual

To be ubersexual, its no longer just looking good, in fact, any man can be ubersexual. Uber comes from the word German that means over or super. There is also a word in German, Ubermensch which means super-man (not the one who doesn’t know how to wear his underwear!). Hence an ubersexual man will have characteristics over any normal guy.


A metrosexual guy will dress according to what the latest fashion by Gucci shows during fashion shows.
An ubersexual guy dresses nicely and smartly based on his own reflection of the cultures and arts from his travel.

A metrosexual guy will spend more time grooming his hair.
An ubersexual guy spends more time thinking and beautifying his thoughts.

A metrosexual guy goes to gym to be a gym bunny and to be an exhibitionist during “parades” or night clubbing.
An ubersexual guy involves in sports and/or fitness activities because they want to be healthy and comfortable with their appearance.

A metrosexual man has a lot of girl friends and they sometimes bitch around.
An ubersexual man has a lot of guy friends but he is down-to-earth and respects his girl friends.

A metrosexual guy gets excited when others are talking about fashion and beauty.
An ubersexual guy talks with strong confidence on any topic through his reading and observation of the surrounding.

A metrosexual guy sometimes dresses excessively that they look like a girl.
An ubersexual guy dresses to retain its masculinity but they are very approachable to girls.

All in all, an ubersexual man, is more masculine with extra confidence, passionate and sensitive to others feelings, fit, culturally savvy and down to earth especially to girls. Being ubersexual doesn’t mean just well-groomed and nice clothes but beautiful and sharp mind which can handle conversation on any topic.

And METROSEXUAL SOCIETY would like to celebrate the rise of ubersexuality for greater mankind. So, which one are you?

Aug 11, 2009

20 Snappy Replies to the Comment, “Uy, tumataba ka ata”

Ours is a society where polite small talk takes the form of inquisitions about body weight, oftentimes the spirit of levity masking impoliteness. But ours is also a culture that finds nothing wrong with wanton inquiries into our marital status, sexual preference, and other things that would make a foreigner faint. Ours is a culture that finds fault in fat (check out those short but brutal Lesofat ads). Granted, that’s what you get from too much Häagen Dazs and double cheeseburgers, but your dining habits aren’t to blame, are they? Yes, it’s hormonal imbalance. Bad hormones!

So in the spirit of fighting fire with fire, we present 20 snappy retorts to that evil phrase “Uy, tumataba ka ‘ata.”

1. “Bagong promo ng Belo Clinic.”
2. “sabi na nga ba fair si Lord, kasi diba kung pumayat pa ko paano ka na.”
3. “Nagsarado kasi yung Fitness First sa amin.”
4. “A sure consequence of increasing personal wealth kasi yan.
Ikaw mukha ka pa ring dukha.”
5. “That’s because I’m joining The Biggest Loser.”
6. Rep has auditions for Falstaff.
7. “Maganda nga abs mo, pero bobo ka pa rin.”
8. “I know you meant no malice, but you have no idea how much you hurt
my feelings.”
9. “Fifty percent off on Thai Jasmine rice at Hi-Top Supermarket!”
10. ‘Ever heard of the East Beach Diet?”
11. Alam mo, sabi dati ni Roland Barthes, “Steak is part of the same sanguine
mythology as wine. It is the heart of meat, it is meat in its pure state;
and whoever partakes of it assimilates a bull-like strength. The prestige of
steak evidently derives from quasi-rawness. In it, blood is visible,
natural, dense, at once compact and sectile… To eat steak therefore
represents both a nature and morality.”
12. “I mean, that’s just your opinion, man.”—Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski
13. “Bakit ikaw mukha kang floorwax?”
14. “Nagbasa ako ng Preview. Yan daw ang uso in the next six months.”
15. “Which is why I’ve been taking Xenical. And I’ve got this nice, moist feeling
inside my pants.”
16. “Idol ko si Ate Shawee.”
17. “Ah, but the curve is the most beautiful of all the lines.”
18. “May sale kasi sa Tubby.”
19. “Does the phrase ‘Dove Beauty’ mean anything to you?”
20. stop worrying about my body. start worrying about your face.

lol ... love it -mcky88

Aug 7, 2009

metrosexual vlad nesas joins survivor philippines


“I consider myself a real survivor because I have been through a lot of challenges in my life. Growing up, I always felt insecure. Pakiramdam ko ang pangi-pangit ko. This is the reason why I improved my body, my looks, pati na ang dating ko sa mga tao.Tingnan mo naman ngayon, hindi lang ako nag-improve, model pa ako ngayon.”
PhotobucketVlad Nesas calls himself an “alpha male”, a dominant guy who always gets what he wants. He is confident that this is going to be his ace in winning the title of Pinoy Sole Survivor.

Vlad is a graduate of Industrial Design, Major in Fine Arts at the University of Sto. Tomas where he was also a varsity swimmer.

He considers Joining Survivor Philippines: Palau as his major test of character.

“Kapag nakayanan ko itong Survivor, made na made na talaga ako” Vlad said smugly. “To prepare, talagang pinaganda ko ang katawan ko… sinanay ko ang sarili ko sa hirap. Grabe, six times a week na nga ang pagwo-work out ko. Kaya ba ng iba yun?”

He also knows that the cash prize and the title would drastically change his life, that’s why he is giving his all in the game.

“Hindi ako nagpapatalo. Hindi ako madaling mauto o mapaikot. Hindi rin ako takot manggago. Kung nabilib sila kay Marlon noon… well, hindi pa nila nakikilala si Vlad!” he said.

We’ll find out if Vlad would get what he wants and dominate in Survivor Philippines: Palau.

(metrosexual society support vlad nesas. lol -mcky88)
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