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Jun 30, 2009

fresh faces

fresh faces of circle of 10 finalist.

tributes to KING OF POP... MJ

A tribute performed by 1,500 CPDRC Inmates on June 27, 2009 in memory of Michael Jackson. Completed in 10 hours after receiving word that the King of Pop passed away. May he always be remembered. "...

Jun 29, 2009


the very funny and interesting pantene commercial.. i love it. lol

Jun 28, 2009

asian hunks profiles: lee meen ho

lee meen ho

Lee Min Ho Biography
Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor who shot to fame after playing the lead character, Goo Jun Pyo, in the drama Boys Before Flowers. His acting debut came in 2005 on a series called Love Hymn where he played a small role. His first leading role came in 2007, where he portrayed Cha Gong-Chan in Mackerel Run.

Lee Min Ho Filmography

TV Series
Boys Before Flowers (2009)
I Am Sam (2008)
Mackeral Run (2007)
Secret Campus (2006)
Love Hymn (2006)

Our School's E.T. (2008)
Public Enemy Returns (2008)

asian hunks profiles: Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
Date of Birth: 06/06/1986
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Ethnicity: Korean

Kim Hyun Joong Biography
Kim Hyun Joong, a South Korean actor and singer born on June 6, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea, has risen to fame both as the leader of the all-male K-pop group SS501 and most recently as Yoon Ji Hoo in the KBS 2009 hit drama Boys Before Flowers a.k.a. Kgotboda Namja.

Prior to the F4 fame, Kim Hyun Joong already made a name for himself as the leader and eldest member of SS501 which debuted in 2005. They have released a number of singles and albums both in South Korea and Japan, have performances and concerts in other Asian countries, as well. Their debut in Japan on 2007 has gained them more popularity and more awards, and their management is currently on the process towards the group’s debut in the US market.

On May 11, 2008, Kim Hyun Joong was paired up with singer Hwang Bo in the MBC reality show We Got Married. Their "make-believe" marriage concept was to live together harmoniously with a six-year older "wife." The couple known to fans as the "Lettuce couple" has charisma and a competitive streak which win them the MBC's Best Couple Award for 2008. His stunt in We Got Married opened the door for him to get noticed and got casted as Boys Before Flowers's Yoon Ji Hoo.

After a month playing Yoon Ji Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong won the 45th Baek Sang Arts Awards in February 2009 against fellow F4 Lee Min Ho. To be noted is that his Yoon Ji Hoo character is a total opposite to the real Kim Hyun Joong.

His love for music can be seen further through his collection of guitars, either bought or given by fans, which was showcased in one of the We Got Married episodes. He also plays bass guitar and the piano, and loves to dance.

His motto in life is "You only have one chance in life, live hard and earn fame. Help the poor and be respected."

And for the ladies: He sleeps with just his undies because he was afraid of the heat and likes the feel of the blanket next to his skin.

Jun 27, 2009

Jun 25, 2009

jon avila

kapitan boom... your my hero

ilove it

what a chest... pride

Jun 24, 2009

June 2009 Most Beautiful Man

metrosexual picks

gerald anderson

jon avila

piolo pascual

victor basa

zanjoe marudo

freshman of the week : r a carlos

mr runway 2008 ROGIE ALLAN CARLOS
finalist of mr sexy of eat bulaga

Jun 23, 2009

Mar & Korina seal it with a kiss

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo Updated June 23, 2009 12:00 AM

Sen./Presidentiable Mar Roxas and fianceé Korina Sanchez on The Buzz… Photos By Girlie Rodis

The kilig continues. After exchanging “I love you’s” a few weeks ago on Wowowee and going through the traditional rites of the pamamanhikan last June 14, Sen./Presidentiable Mar Roxas, 52 (May 13, 1957), and his ladylove Korina Sanchez, 45 (Oct. 5, 1964), made yet another PDA (as in Public Display of Affection, ehem!) in last Sunday’s anniversary edition of ABS-CBN show The Buzz.

To the cheering studio audience and perhaps those watching the show at home, the couple sealed it with a kiss.

It was actually an advance shower-on-the-air for Korina who accepted (willingly!) Mar’s marriage proposal during the pamamanhikan held at the Sanchez home in Merville Park, Parañaque City. Members of both the Araneta (Mar’s maternal side) and the Roxas families were accounted for, including Korina’s high school and college friends who later viewed a videotape of the proceedings over dinner.

The pamamanhikan was highlighted by a Balagtasan. Then, Mar serenaded Korina with the song Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas, Iyong-Iyo Ako, specially composed by Vehnee Saturno as the couple’s theme song after Vehnee saw them together on Wowowee. With both Korina’s parents gone, only her three brothers were around to give Korina’s hand away in marriage.

Preparations for the wedding are now in full blast even if no date has been set yet. So far, only one is listed as probable principal sponsor, none other than Red Cross lady Rosa Rosal. Pepito Albert will design Korina’s wedding gown and Carey Santiago of Cebu Korina’s despedida de soltera gown. Patrice Ramos-Diaz will collaborate with Pepito for the entourage. The wedding is “Filipino-inspired.”

Baby James, son of Buzz host Kris Aquino and James Yap, will be the ring bearer. It was reconfirmed by Korina on The Buzz last Sunday. The couple’s guesting also served as a “reconciliation” between Korina and Kris who felt “bypassed”/”overlooked” when Korina and Mar made the announcement of their engagement on Wowowee instead of on either The Buzz or SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon), the other show Kris is co-hosting (with Boy Abunda). Korina’s ex-boyfriend is Sen. Noynoy Aquino, Kris’ brother.

During the shower-on-the-air, Kris and Boy gifted Korina with a negligee dotted with hearts and Mar with a pair of boxers also full of hearts, wishing Mar and Korina to have “a little Mar” and/or “a little Korina” soon after they get married before end of the year.

Not shown on the screen but caught fleetingly by the camera was Mar’s 15-year-old son Paolo who was spending Father’s Day with his dad. Paolo, who studies in an exclusive school, lives with his mom (a former Bb. Pilipinas) and visits his dad regularly. He calls his future stepmother “Tita Korina.” Father and son had lunch and spent the whole day together, minus “Tita Korina.”

You can be sure that the “kilig” factor will figure prominently when Mr. and Mrs. Mar Roxas embark on the campaign trail early next year for the tightly-contested presidential race.

Jun 22, 2009

freshman: andrew miguel

real fresh hunk

the next big thing...

star studio : gerald anderson

Grab a copy now of StarSrudio Magazine July 2009 Issue!

Jun 18, 2009

violence against transexuals

"this is a violence against transsexual, crossdresser, or otherwise gender-variant" this video showed a victim of violence based on bias against transgendered people.
in this modern world, anti-transgenders hatred or prejudice are largely ignored in our society. Over the last decade, more than one person per month has died due to transgenders-based hate or prejudice, regardless of any other factors in their lives. This trend shows no sign of abating.

"A person is born into a sex either male or female.
A person's gender is who they believe they are,
either part-time or full-time.
Taking action on the notion that you might feel or want to be the opposite sex,
does not deserve the the hatred, prejudice or death penalty.
This world is not happy and beautiful without gay.
Shame on all you hypocrites. - macky

Jun 16, 2009

freshman of the week: ej falcon n xian lim

xian lim and ej falcon

Mar, Korina seal engagement Filipino-style

By Marinel Cruz
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Posted 20:44:00 06/15/2009

MANILA, Philippines – “I thought I’d be single forever,” Korina Sanchez, radio-TV personality, once told inquisitive entertainment journalists. ‘’Then the right person came along at the right time.’’

The right time for her came five years ago, when she announced on her (now defunct) morning TV show on ABS-CBN, ‘’Morning Girls,’’ that she was saying yes to a relationship. On Sunday night, the right person, Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas, formally asked for her hand in marriage in a traditional "pamamanhikan."

There was a three-hour program that involved much singing and dancing, and the groom-to-be was in the mood all evening for some good-natured ribbing.

Originally set June 6 but cancelled due to inclement weather, the “pamamanhikan”— when the groom’s parents visit the bride’s to seal the engagement— pushed through at the Sanchez home in Merville, Parañaque City. Since the bride-to-be’s parents had both passed on, it was Korina’s three brothers EG, Milano, and Mickey, who gave their blessing.

The Roxas family was led by the former Judy Araneta, mother of the groom-to-be. Mar is the grandson of the late President Manuel Roxas and son of the late Senator Gerardo Roxas.

A Mass was celebrated at 6 p.m. inside the 1,200-square meter property at No. 19 Florida St. Pastor Nomer Bernardino, former spiritual adviser of Korina’s mother Celia, gave an inspirational message.

The program, hosted by actor-comedian Epy Quizon, began at 8 p.m. Sanchez's nieces, Tyra and Maya, sang and played the violin.

Dinner was served under huge transparent tents that covered the lawn, around the bean-shaped pool. The tents were in anticipation of his off-key singing, Roxas jested.

The 52-year-old senator, dressed in a striped light-blue, buttoned-down shirt over black trousers, sang an old Tagalog love song to Korina. Comedians Tado and Jason Gainza accompanied Mar on the guitar.

The 44-year-old Korina, in a light-bronze sleeveless dress, joined in the singing. ‘’To keep Mar on-key,’’ explained a family friend who attended. Epy repeatedly reminded the audience, ‘’He’s a senator [not a singer].’’

Mar also recited a long Tagalog love poem for Korina and engaged in a “balagtasan” (debate in verse) with poet Jericho Tanig.

‘’Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow),’’ the wedding song— specially composed by Vehnee Saturno based on Korina's response to Mar’s' wedding proposal on nationwide television— was previewed in a performance by ABS-CBN talents Erik Santos and Sarah Geronimo.

Later, the couple joined performers from Bulacan in a traditional dance, according to Korina’s friend, showbiz journalist Cristy Fermin. ‘’The guests threw flowers at their feet, and made a toast for Korina and Mar to have a good life together,’’ the journalist said.

Guests were served pasta, paella, and steak cutlets prepared by the Araneta-owned Italian fusion restaurant Cibo. "Callos," a Sanchez family specialty, and cheesecake from Korina's personal recipe were also served. (The four-car garage had been transformed into a huge kitchen.)

Korina's immediate relatives and close friends were present. The Araneta-Roxas clan members in attendance included Stella Marquez-Araneta, Veana and Margarita Fores, and Mar’s 15-year-old son Paolo, whom the senator introduced as "someone I am very proud of."

The engaged couple still did not give a wedding date, but said it would be before the yearend. The senator joked, ‘’Sinasabi ko nga kay Korina magtanan na lang kami. [I suggested to Korina that we should instead elope].’’

On Monday last week, Korina said in a radio phone patch from Japan that the wedding ceremony would be held at Redemptorist Church in Baclaran, Parañaque, or at the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila.

On the same program, Korina announced that Baby James, the two-year-old son of TV host Kris Aquino and cager James Yap, would be the ring bearer.

In an unconfirmed report, the couple is said to have asked former Philippine National Red Cross governor Rosa Rosal to be one of their principal wedding sponsors. Rosal was one of the guests at the "pamamanhikan."

Jun 13, 2009

It's pamanhikan time for Sen. Mar

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo Updated June 13, 2009 12:00 AM

“This is it!”

And there’s no turning back.

You can’t blame Sen. Mar Roxas for gushing in an exclusive talk with Funfare about his forthcoming marriage to Korina Sanchez.

“Well, we’re in love,” said Korina, “and there’s no stopping that.”

So tomorrow (June 14) night, the lover boy will do the traditional pamanhikan (asking for the hand in marriage) at Korina’s home in Merville Park, Parañaque City.

The couple’s wedding plans were confirmed by Funfare in a “scoop” in early April. A few days after the story came out, Mar would have confirmed it in a presscon which had to be scrapped in deference to Korina’s dzMM’s Failon at Sanchez co-host Ted Failon whose wife Trina Etong was found dead (a confirmed suicide).

Three weeks later, Mar and Korina guested on Wowowee to finally confirm the Funfare “scoop,” holding hands as they did so, much to the kilig of televiewers who need just that kind of feel-good love story in economically-challenging times like this.

There’s no date for the wedding yet but it will definitely happen before end of this year.

Assured Korina, “We won’t keep it a secret. Mar is a publicly-elected official as the No. 1 Senator in 2004. And my work as a journalist has kept me very much in touch with the masa. I think there are many ways a couple can get married depending on what is most meaningful to them. To Mar and me, it is most meaningful to share our life at this point with everyone we owe our careers to,”

Pamanhikan may be a long-forgotten tradition to many but this pre-wedding tradition remains alive in many parts of the country — many more informal than most. Mar is doing a semi-traditional pamanhikan with his entire family both on the Araneta and Roxas sides by visiting the Sanchez residence.

“This is where my Mom and Dad’s dreams came true, in this Merville home,” said Korina. “My Mom built it with special events like this in mind. They would be truly smiling down from heaven if I held it here in the home I grew up in.”

Korina has three brothers who will join her in tomorrow’s pamanhikan (together with some ninangs that she has already chosen for the wedding) to receive Mar’s family.

To be held late in the afternoon, the pamanhikan will be strictly between the two families. In the evening, Korina’s family and closest friends from high school and college will have dinner during which they will watch the videotape of the Pamanhikan. Natives from Bulacan are invited to showcase a traditional pamanhikan complete with dance, song and, yes, Balagtasan (a poetic exchange expressing the undying love of the man to the woman). Mar will surprise Korina with a harana — Oops! It won’t be a surprise anymore!

“Naku,” laughed Korina, “I don’t know what he has in store but I can’t imagine him wearing a salakot with a guitar in hand. O, baka naman ganoon niya ako kamahal. Hahahaha!”

Inspired by the couple’s appearance on Wowowee, Vehnee Saturno has composed a song titled Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas, Iyong-Iyo Ako, a vow of love Mar and Korina shared with the public on the show. The song, which may be the couple’s theme song, is set to be performed also at the pamanhikan by choice artists who remain to be named.

Incidentally, it’s Pepito Albert who will design Korina’s wedding gown and Carey Santiago of Cebu the despedida de soltera gown. Patrice Ramos-Diaz will collaborate with Pepito for the entourage.

“It will be Filipino-inspired,” said Korina.

Jun 8, 2009

Prayer for the 2010 Philippines Presidential elections -

I,MARK GIL B. BALISACAN support the cause of the Blog Prayer Brigade for the election of the Future President of the Republic of the Philippines and I do solemnly promise to recite the prayer, which I wrote, in my own convenient time and regularly as possible until the 2010 Presidential Election commences. Let it be written, let it be done.

Jun 7, 2009

fresh man

I think I should share to you guys..This pinoy from makati area is handsome and hot!! He's got such a nice body... I like his chest and he looks extra sexy when wet! Wish ko lang I had someone like this with me soon, lol. just kidding. one of this days (very soon) makikilala nyo na sya.
paging ms lady gaga ( talent handler of this guy) i need your go signal, hehehe

specil thanks to you ryan for trusting me to post your pictures.
stay sexy and cool, love it -macky

cute korean guy in makati

naimbag a rabii kadakayo amin...! my new friend Ken a talent discoverer from korea sent me these pics and says this guy is Korean..well he looks Korean hehe Ken says he is sort of model but seriously I dont really know who he is but he's got a nice face and good body. I noticed some thing. Pinoy people love Korean stuff...Korean tv series esp BOYS OVER FLOWER (im addicted to this series, lol- macky), music,...including Korean guys lol oh well some Korean guys are really hot!

wow ilocos norte

Ilocos Norte - The Best Of Culture And Nature

There is much more to ILOCOS NORTE than meets the eye. More than the endless shorelines & fancy beaches rest an infinite bliss & pleasure. More than the century old houses & churches await incomparable serenity & harmony. More than the exquisite cuisine & sumptuous meal tenders an invaluable realization & familiarity. More than the adventure gives an extreme triumph & glory. The Ilocos Norte and Laoag City More Than You Can Imagine.

special thanks toMR ROBERT FIDELIZ PIEDAD ( former schoolmate) for the beautiful photos
this are grab from his friendster account.

Jun 6, 2009

hunk of the week: RY FARINAS

Name: Ry Farinas
Age: 22 years old
Height: 5'10"
Shoe Size: 10 1/2"
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Occupation: Student and Model
Province: Ilocos Norte
Country: Philippines
Known for: 2008 Cosmo Hunk and one of 2008 Metro Bodies Hottest Personalities

"one of the hottest print and ramp model from laoag city"
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