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Nov 16, 2009

Rocky Salumbides and sam pinto are the newest additions to the PBB house :: Pinoy Big Brother Double Up

As promised, Kuya opened his doors once again to welcome new housemates, Sam and Rocky. With their statuesque figures and good looks, it’s no wonder that they are no strangers to the limelight. Both have modeling careers and are able to strut their stuff on the catwalk, but reality TV is a whole new field. Rocky Salumbides has graced the international fashion scene, but let this not fool you into thinking he’s all up in the air about this. His humble beginnings include growing up in the football team’s barracks and surviving on junk food only. His mom raised their small family alone, working as a member of Villamor Airbase’s football team. Rocky moved to Lanao del Norte with his maternal grandmother, and went back to Manila after some time. His luxurious job came later in life, after he had tried his hand on several blue-collar jobs such as selling balut and hauling heavy loads in construction, which he did to help augment their family income. Even after reveling in the limelight of fame and fortune, he was able to turn his back on it in favor of pursuing the love of his life, his “Pag-ibig”.
On the other hand, Sam was lucky enough to be born in a more financially stable environment. She shares the intricacies of a single-parent household, though, and is quite candid about it. Her mom is her closest friend and she has come to terms with her father’s new life. Sam, too, is a friend of the limelight. She has been modeling since she was 10 and has several TV commercials under her belt. Sam does not let this get to her head, though, and would rather be known as a simple girl who can make it big, in her own way. She is a student of fashion design and she churns up creative concepts on the go. Her unique ideas come to life, as she herself is able to sew her creations. Though timid at first, Sam’s determination will surely allow her to lead and inspire.
As Kuya welcomed the two new housemates, he also gave them their first task. They would be billeted in House B, the house that lost quite a number of companions and has yet to reclaim their own clothing. The missing clothes were piled in a box, and these were to be the newbies’ gift to their new housemates. They were given limited time to wear as much clothes as possible, and only those that were on them could be brought into the house. At first, they attempted to figure out the best way to go about it. It wasn’t long before they realized there was simply no time to think strategically, and the two just wore whatever they could get their hands on. At the end of three minutes, the two were made to enter their new home. As they entered looking like a pile of laundry, Rocky called out, “Hello, tao po kami!” The housemates then rushed to them and welcomed them enthusiastically, literally looking up at the tall newbies. The twist to their task was that only the owner of the clothing could take it off them, so Sam and Rocky had to stand being groped and clutched at by the eager housemates.
Will they be able to blend well with such a closely-knit group? What weekly task will welcome them? It’s day 1 once again with Sam and Rocky, so keep watching and stay updated. New faces, new stories, new twists and surprises coming your way!

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