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Nov 11, 2009

how to come OUT

For anyone who is wanting to come out, or is in the process of coming out, I hope this helps. Music: Petite Melodie by Sophie Cappere



mcky said...

awsome video its hard to be 16 and gay or thinking that ur gay but nomatter wat love urself and the hell with
every body esle

Anonymous said...

i'm allready dead, everyones existence is pointless... your obviously a dumbass, what are humans put on the world to do? nothing and we weren't put here for a reason we are simply another lifeform on the earth that has evolved over time... no meaning to life..... why do u think people are so religious? because they are to pussy to accept that there is NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

lovely video.i totally support what ur doing.its never easy,i have a gay best friend who recently came out and im still totally cool with him,so keep your eyes forward and dont let society get you down :)

mcky said...

That really sucks! I can not believe in this day and time that gay youth still have to deny who they are to not be rejected. I hope you can find the strength to be who you are. You will find friends that wont care and if you have to you will make your own family. Take care of yourself. I have been there done that and happiness will come.

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