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Nov 23, 2009

project: "im not immoral"

 (The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Wednesday rejected Ang Ladlad for party-list accreditation on the grounds that the party advocates "sexual immorality" and "immoral doctrines."
Ang Ladlad is an organization of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT).)

Jethro Cuenca Patalinghug

Every bit of the person that I am tells me that it is UNACCEPTABLE.
Ang Ladlad Party to be rejected to become a duly registered sectoral party by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) because of allegations of "IMMORALITY" is an abomination to humanity, an abomination to the LGBTI community... and I take it VERY personally!

"The statement has gone beyond the sectoral party rejection arena. It has a potential to echo into the consciousness of the already confused and fragmented society about the value and relevance of the
LGBTI community. Therefore it has a potential to go against all our efforts to become more accepted and recognized as a legitimate and respectable sector of society."


We must join all our efforts to not only control the damage that has been made, but also aggressively attack the opponent head on! Our individual expressions and reactions such as the status messages and notes here on
facebook are commendable, but if we do it together in one solid form might be a stronger backlash.



On the night of DEC 5, the night of the PRIDE March, let us all gather and express our reactions towards the issue. Let us make our voices louder as we each say "I AM NOT IMMORAL!" through individual head shot photos to be taken by renowned photographer Niccolo Cosme and individual video clips to be directed by Jethro
Patalinghug. Together these photos and video clips, when combined into a resource website and a youtube channel, will not only become a living testament to our protest but also become a readily available media for people in the worldwide web to watch. The possibilities are endless, not only our fellow Filipinos will see it but also people around the world. Let us show them that our humble community here in the Philippines can and will assert their rights.

Join us on the night of DEC 5 at Maria Orosa St. in Malate.

Look for the rainbow colored walls and have your photos and videos taken. Come as yourself, or if you are feeling it, come as fabulous as you can, be in drag if you may, do something different to catch every attention that you can for the cause.

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