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Aug 17, 2009

Metrosexual VS Ubersexual

To be ubersexual, its no longer just looking good, in fact, any man can be ubersexual. Uber comes from the word German that means over or super. There is also a word in German, Ubermensch which means super-man (not the one who doesn’t know how to wear his underwear!). Hence an ubersexual man will have characteristics over any normal guy.


A metrosexual guy will dress according to what the latest fashion by Gucci shows during fashion shows.
An ubersexual guy dresses nicely and smartly based on his own reflection of the cultures and arts from his travel.

A metrosexual guy will spend more time grooming his hair.
An ubersexual guy spends more time thinking and beautifying his thoughts.

A metrosexual guy goes to gym to be a gym bunny and to be an exhibitionist during “parades” or night clubbing.
An ubersexual guy involves in sports and/or fitness activities because they want to be healthy and comfortable with their appearance.

A metrosexual man has a lot of girl friends and they sometimes bitch around.
An ubersexual man has a lot of guy friends but he is down-to-earth and respects his girl friends.

A metrosexual guy gets excited when others are talking about fashion and beauty.
An ubersexual guy talks with strong confidence on any topic through his reading and observation of the surrounding.

A metrosexual guy sometimes dresses excessively that they look like a girl.
An ubersexual guy dresses to retain its masculinity but they are very approachable to girls.

All in all, an ubersexual man, is more masculine with extra confidence, passionate and sensitive to others feelings, fit, culturally savvy and down to earth especially to girls. Being ubersexual doesn’t mean just well-groomed and nice clothes but beautiful and sharp mind which can handle conversation on any topic.

And METROSEXUAL SOCIETY would like to celebrate the rise of ubersexuality for greater mankind. So, which one are you?


Anonymous said...


I'm a member of the "Toronto Real Men", the world's only anti-metrosexual organization, run by "Dimitri The Lover", aka "The Prophet". In the same way that John Connor fights the machines for survival of humanity in “The Terminator”, The Prophet has dedicated his life to fight "Metrosexuality" for the survival of masculinity. He is a modern-day Rasputin ... a real-life Tyler Durden.

Here is the web site for the "Toronto Real Men": TORONTO REAL MEN ... if you go to the section in the menu on the left titled "Meeting Announcements", then click on "August", you will understand everything he is trying to do. Also, if you click on the link on the left titled "Media Centre", there's both a radio interview and an appearance in a documentary so you can hear The Prophet speak.

Also, everyone knows that women in Toronto are stuck up and play games. Here is how The Prophet deals with a single woman that likes him but still refuses to cough up her number ... he hands her this flyer: DIMITRI THE LOVER’S FLYER

Finally, here is The Prophet's main web site: DIMITRI THE LOVER’S WEB SITE

We heard at the last meeting that his Hollywood film (the one that the producers of Borat and Bruno created) is completed and should be released in the next few months. Then the world will know the truth about what The Prophet is doing to rid the world of feminism once and for all.



Anonymous said...

Here is a link to some animations that have been banned by YouTube but give you a great indication of The Prophet's philosophy: DIMITRI THE LOVER’S BANNED ANIMATIONS ... the "Crucifixion of Dimitri" represents how he has suffered for all men.

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