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May 20, 2009


You will know this is an anonymous blog. When I started I just wanted a way of expressing some views without worrying about someone knowing they were mine.
With time the topics changed and when I started blogging about my dates there was even more reason for it, the last thing I wanted was for any of my dates to know about the others.
But the main reason has always been that this would allow me to express my views freely, without fearing anyone would feel hurt or unfairly treated by whatever I wrote. And it’s not like I have a tendency to bitch about anyone.
But there are three people who do know who I am.

The ex ( R A C)
I started this blog only AFTER TWO YEARS we broke up. Partly it was the result of us slowly distancing ourselves and a growing inner frustration with my life. Not that the later has ever ended.
In the early days after we broke up he started his own too. I found it pretty quickly. After so many years together I could still recognise a body shot. It was also an interesting insight after our break up.
I always thought he probably knew about mine. But apparently I was wrong, not long ago I read one of his shoutpost on friendster . I can tell you that was a funny read.
But it wasn’t until quite recently that we actually discussed it over phone not in much detail but enough to confess to each other.

The Blogger (rein 'the sexy bod')
The second person that knows about me is a fellow blogger. We followed each other blogs for a while and when I planned to visit his country we agreed to meet. And in order to meet we had to exchange some contact details so it was then that I disclosed my identity, well, really just a profile on one of the gay websites but it did include pictures of me and I told him my name.
Unfortunately we never got to meet.

The internet friend
Today I revealed my blog persona to someone else. This time was someone I met online and have been chatting for a while. He’s someone I’m very fond of and have chatted with endless times recently. He tends to know about my dates even before I get the time to post about them.
But he breaks the mean rules why I chose to go anonymous. He is someone I’m hoping to meet one day, and if that happens he is someone I would want to post about here. How could I express my views freely when I know he will read them and I will be worried I my upset him?
At least he knows he’s not the only person I’d date or have sex with. I guess when (and if) that happens I’ll have to think twice about what I write. But somehow I felt like sharing this blog with him. It will be good to get some honest feedback from a friend too.
We were chatting online while he was reading it.
I asked him what impression of me he was getting from my posts. He thought it felt like I was lost and despite having a comfortable life I was not finding the one thing I cannot buy but want the most.
Well, that diagnosis I knew already, what’s hard is finding the treatment to cure the condition. Any takers? Email me.

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